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Food Cart Adventures – PDX

We all know that Portland is the heart of food carts. According to “This is Portland” by Alexander Barrett, there are at least a few hundreds of different registered food carts all around Portland. The reason why food carts are so popular in this city is because of expensive rent just like any one of … Continue reading

Pine State Biscuits

Welcome to another episode of Diners, Drive-ins and Dive! Brunch is my thing. I will not be happy if I left a city without a brunch experience. Brunch is my definition of spending quality relax time because you wake up too late for breakfast but not waste too much time until lunch hour. However, as brunch … Continue reading

Salt & Straw

To most of us Vancouverites might felt like oh another creamery? They all taste the same by now. Someone asked me why did I have to go all the way for Salt & Straw? It’s just another Earnest Ice Cream or Rain or Shine. Yes. Salt & Straw is just another Earnest or Rain or … Continue reading

Podnah’s Pit Barbecue

People who know me fairly well will know television is basically my social life. My major entertainment is Asian dramas and variety shows but I am also a huge fan of Border Security and almost all Food Network shows. If you got the chance to go over my phone, you will be able to find numerous … Continue reading

Blue Star Donuts

Everybody knows if they are traveling to Portland, they have to visit Voodoo for that pink box and instagram friendly doughnuts. Guaranteed line up all the time. Let’s be honest. I did not like it but they are instagram friendly doughnuts so I did say I would go back. I lied. I did not. It was just … Continue reading

Boke Bowl

More Portland updates! BOKE is a fusion Japanese restaurant located at the edge of the East side, right before you cross the bridge towards downtown Portland. You might be surprise, this modern restaurant locates in the industrial district. Most of the restaurant there are either pubs or brew houses. Now you might wonder why we … Continue reading

Voodoo Doughnut

Voodoo Doughnut! “The magic is in the hole!” Voodoo is written as a top must go attraction almost on every Portland travel book and tourist website. It seems like a joke how Americans parallels with doughnuts and now even becomes an attraction. But no kidding, Voodoo IS a must go. Voodoo is a business started … Continue reading

Pok Pok

Another busy month passed by and I again failed to keep my promise writing every week. Even I don’t have a lot of followers doesn’t mean I should get all lazy and not keeping this constant. Sorry! At the beginning of the month was Canada’s Thanks Giving Holiday! We got a long weekend so Sav … Continue reading

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our growing gang is usually just cars cars cars cars and cars it’s so nice being able to see everyone’s other half this time
almost at the one month mark... this family craziness is finally coming to an end. blessed to have everyone fly into vancouver to celebrate my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary... a rare and very grateful occasion to celebrate with family and friends. I had a lot of fun planning this party for them. hoping there will be many more to come ❣️ . . swipe to the last picture for the cutest moment 🥰 #60thweddinganniversary #couplegoals #family . . . thank you @hjdias from @abpartytime, Jen and Lisa from @frankieandcoshop, Lois from @bespokedecor and Chantay from @flowerfactory for all your help!!
mornings 😴 #tooearlyforwalks
was going to post a picture of my dog but #humpday crisis... need to indulge myself by visually seeing this heavenly breakfast we had @lavenueresto a week ago... . montreal smoked meat eggs benedict . . carrot cake pancakes with cream cheese and housemade beer marinated ham and herb sausage
thinking of how amazing it was to stay in one of the oldest building at vieux-port de montreal. I hope my dreams will bring me back to this sweet short getaway tonight...
they said it’s gonna snow again in vancouver I can’t say no to it... just wished that it was still the montreal snow #missingmontreal ❄️
AU PIED DE COCHON Chef Martin’s famous “DUCK IN A CAN” and “CURED FOIE GRAS & BOUDIN TART”. As seen on chef Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations. . . . just landed back to reality but still thinking of all that foie gras... tomorrow, I will return and eat like a peasant.. 😭
les vacances - montréal, québec
valentine’s❣️ please photoshop me and sav in this picture cause he refused to take a picture with me 🙄 ⠀⠀ #somuchforrelationshipgoals #valentinesday