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NAT was born in Hong Kong and grew up with her grandparents in Richmond, B.C. who are serious foodies. Raised under high expectations of food, “eating out” became a kind of obsession. At the age of 8, nat was sent back to Hong Kong to complete her academics. Hong Kong spoiled her with all the different kinds of gourmet and she just can’t help exploring her taste buds across cities and countries. In 2011, nat returned to Canada and completed her BA degree in Communication at Simon Fraser University.

my eating fact – I eat anything except black pepper & mint

PUG LIFE CONFESSION is named after nat’s obsession over ugly-cute dog breed – pugs! Nat is a new pug mama. Her pug puppy humpty was born on February 11th, 2014. Pugs have a particular lazy and chill living style that nat lives up to. Don’t get it the wrong way… Nat treats her work seriously. Anyways, other than owning such cute character and attitude, these little flat nose curly tail doggies do have a greedy and big appetite. Nat thinks living a “pug life” is pretty much a guilty pleasure and therefore named this blog after Pug Life Confession.

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natalie hoilam cheung is nat’s lifestyle and everyday life blog. nat is a foodie, traveller, pug mama, and a part-time fashion beauty guru. Want to know more about adventures, experiences, and products she loves? Check it out!

humptythepug. is nat’s precious pug puppy humpty’s life dairy. This first time pug mama is in love with her little pup and couldn’t help but share and spread humpty’s cuteness across the world. Watch humpty grow now!


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