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noughty – natural hair products

IMG_5849It’s been a long time since my last product review. I didn’t think that I was using anything that was worth sharing. My routine got really stable and so was my life. Then I was introduced to NOUGHTY, a UK natural hair product brand, that just launched a few months ago in Canada. I’ve been through hair products but none stood out for me in the past. I also must be honest, I put minimal effort into my hair. I don’t even really know how to use a curling iron properly. The reason why I thought NOUGHTY was worth mentioning is that they claim that their products are 97% natural.

✔️ 97% natural hair products from UK
✔️ no testing on animals
✔️ vegetarian and vegan friendly
✔️ free from silicones, sulphates
✔️ free from petrochemicals and parabens

Noughty carries different collections that are catered to different needs. The collection I tried out was TO THE RESCUE. This is a collection that is catered to frizzy and damaged hair. Like I said, I don’t put a lot of effort on hair care and therefore, I do admit that I do have pretty damaged hair. I shampoo and condition my hair everyday, blow dry it everytime and I don’t put any heat resistant products on before I blow dry or use a curling iron. TO THE RESCUE was the perfect collection, the one I needed. In my PR box, I got a shampoo and conditioner, as well as a leave-in conditioner.



IMG_5859Moisture Boost SHAMPOO  250ml – $11.99 
for frizzy and damaged hair with sweet almond and sunflower seed

Moisture Boost CONDITIONER  250ml – $11.99
for frizzy and damaged hair with shea butter and olive oil

Both the shampoo and the conditioner doesn’t have much of a sense which I kind of prefer. Fragrance could easily mean chemicals so that is a good sign. I honestly did not enjoy the shampoo much. On the bottle, it says that the shampoo lathers well the second time. Very true. Indeed, it doesn’t really even have much lather. I enjoy shampooing my hair, having lather, that is a great clean, soothing feeling part of my shower. Sadly, it is very unsatisfying to my liking. The conditioner is great. Just like any other conditioner, I don’t think there is much to say about the application.

So I tested the products for almost a week and kept a record how my hair looked. I shampoo and condition every day without a break. Blow dry it every time without any hair styling products. The weather was on and off that week. Some gentle rain here and there. It was quite humid.


Surprisingly, the results kicked in very quickly and obvious. I wasn’t really expecting much change and that I would need to use it for weeks before I see a difference.

You can tell at day one, my hair is quite frizzy and it does look damaged.

My hair still looked frizzy but it looks significantly different compared to day one.

My hair doesn’t actually look frizzy anymore but it is still not at its best. Actually, day three was a little awkward for me cause my hair didn’t have any volume and it feels very heavy. The slight wave you see is actually my natural wave. Day three just didn’t feel great.

By day four, my hair got a lot smoother and after blow dry, the natural wave kind of settled. Still didn’t have much volume but it was less awkward compared to day three.

By day five, my hair actually looks healthy and volume starts to kick back in after blow dry.

Day six was the perfect hair day I want every day. My hair looks so healthy with volume. Love my natural wave. It looks like I had been styling my hair but I didn’t.


for frizzy and damaged hair with shea butter and olive oil

The leave-in conditioner is almost like a treatment. You shampoo and clean your hair like you would normally do and then dry your hair with a towel to remove excess water. While your hair is still damp, you apply the leave-in conditioner and let your hair dry naturally.

I didn’t enjoy this product as much because I do blow dry my hair every day after my shower to ensure my natural wave is settled. The product does make my hair soft and smooth. It works just like the argan oil I use once in a while. However, by leaving my hair dry naturally, my hair actually got even frizzier a few hours later. I think this has something to do with my natural hair wave and the weather.

It is not a product that I would refuse using. I just don’t think it works well with the humidity we get here in Vancouver during the rainy season. Maybe in the summer, it will work better with my hair.



Overall, I very much enjoyed what the products did to my hair. Although I must say again, it doesn’t really give me that soothing experience I wish to get in a shower. But hey, it is a 97% natural product so what more can we ask for?


✔️ wave hello – curly or wavy hair
✔️ rise & shine – normal or dry hair
✔️ care taker – sensitive scalp
✔️ pumped up – fine or limp hair
✔️ blondie locks – blonde hair
✔️ colour bomb – colour treated hair

Intersted to give Noughty a try? Noughty is now available at London Drugs!



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