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Blue Star Donuts

Everybody knows if they are traveling to Portland, they have to visit Voodoo for that pink box and instagram friendly doughnuts. Guaranteed line up all the time. Let’s be honest. I did not like it but they are instagram friendly doughnuts so I did say I would go back. I lied. I did not. It was just not worth the time when there are so many food choices to be made in PDX.

IMG_0655 copyA lot of people do not know that there are great donuts out there other than the must go Voodoo. I was pleasantly surprised when I did a little bit more research online and found a list of great ones to go. My friend also came across Blue Star online so we thought we should give it a try.

By the time we were at Blue Star, it was possibly close to 5:00pm. We heard they were famous for the Cointreau Crème Brûlée Donut so we did not think much and ordered one. I was hoping to try more than one flavour but we just had lunch at 3:30pm after a long delay in traffic coming into PDX. We were all stuffed and Sav does not even eat sweets. So I made a wise decision to only order one more flavour and I picked the Piña Colada. It was 36 degrees that day, the words Piña Colada was screaming to me as if it was just the actual drink I wanted to have that very moment.

Out of a huge surprise, there were only two Cointreau Crème Brûlée Donuts left and they were displayed donuts. The Blue Star staff said the donuts were only displayed for 20-30 minutes and he promised it was still fresh. We were okay with that. Didn’t know if it was the company’s policy or his generosity. We ordered one and he gave us both… FOR FREE! So we end up only paying for one Piña Colada Donut when we get to have 3 Blue Star Donuts for $3.80 USD (approximately).



You know what they say… Free stuff always taste better! (Just kidding)

On a serious end, we are actually adoring Blue Star Donuts.

Quality over Quantity

Our donuts are made from a classic brioche recipe that originated in the south of France. The dough takes 18 hours to make and is made from scratch every day; we start with a sustainable bread flour from Shepherds Grain, add cage free eggs, whole hormone-free milk, and then fold in a European-style butter. Our donuts, glazes, and fillings are made fresh throughout the day, and we only cook our donuts in rice oil. Selections change daily and sell out quickly.

Blue Star does have quality donuts. The best part was they are not just sugar in your mouth. The classic brioche recipe give their donuts a very nice soft fluffy texture. You actually taste flavours not just coated icing with just a sugary taste.


IMG_0651Cointreau Crème Brûlée

The donut comes with a tube filled with syrup. We all thought boy, this is going to be a sweet one.

NOPE. We were wrong…

VERY wrong.

It was not sweet at all. And I mean it. It was just the right amount of sugar that does not go bold and steals your taste for the nice creamy vanilla custard stuffing in the donut.

Just like every other Crème Brûlée, the coated sugar you see on top of that donut in the picture is the crunch of torched sugar you want on your Crème Brûlée. Again, it was not sweet at all.

I am very impress with the recipe. It is one of those donuts you can really enjoy the donut and its flavour with a nice cup of tea or coffee.

For ones who love sugar and needed it to satisfy your needs and comforts from a donut, I am sorry to tell you that this might not be the place that would please you at all.

IMG_0652Piña Colada

I honestly do not remember what was the description of this flavor. My memory tells me it was pineapple, coconut, rum and pistachio. Sounds about right for a Piña Colada.

Surprisingly, I thought the Piña Colada had more sweetness compared to the Cointreau Crème Brûlée.

Very nice refreshing coconut and pistachio flavour but the pineapple and rum was no obvious to find.

It is a nice donut for a regular but for tourists like us, it was steps away from the spotlight.Cointreau Crème Brûlée definitely won with its gimmick.



Blue Star Donuts Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


Blue Star Donuts is worth your try if you are in PDX. They have some quality bites here that will make you pleasantly surprise. Locals love it and prefers it (I overheard the locals telling another tourist this at the store). Voodoo is also a must visit but once is enough, seconds are not necessary. If you are truly seeking for the bite, Blue Star! If you’re doing it for the pictures, Voodoo!

Wonder how I spend 72 hours in PDX? Read more about this trip here. #natblogsPDX

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