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72 hours of portland

Summer will not complete without… Roadtrips!

So grateful to finally find time stepping out of the usual pace and travel somewhere fresh. If it was not 4 years it would probably at least 3 years ago since I visited PDX. Memories of my last visit was almost a blur and disappointment because I thought my boyfriend would be my tour guide. Of course, we were not prepared and time was mostly wasted. This time, I came prepared. I did my homework and prepared lists and plans.

The hardest part about traveling to PDX is the amount of food choices and decisions you have to make.

This is how I spent my 72 hours in PDX.

IMG_0589 copy

One thing I learned from Alexander Barrett, no one ever understood what “Keep Portland Weird” actually means. This is probably one of the most popular spot where all tourists will take a good picture to add to their memory lane. What is weird about PDX? You tell me.

Our drive started at 7:45am and we made it to PDX close to 3:00pm. The drive was longer than expected because of accidents on the highway. We parked right in front of this landmark and found Voodoo Doughnuts right next to us. We weren’t here for the doughnuts. We started to hunt for lunch and hoping the food carts are still in business. Not the best of luck but we did find our way to fill our empty stomach.

IMG_0601 copyNo time to be wasted.

PDX is known for no tax shopping. Just a few steps away from the food carts, the shopping begins. Steven Alan, Kit and Ace, Will Leather Goods…

IMG_0612 copy

Just another few steps away, the well know Powell’s Book Store. Probably one of the largest bookstores you can possibly find in North America. Fortunately, none of us were bookworms so we smoothly proceed to our next destination before we get too overwhelmed with books.

IMG_0655 copyTea time!

Last PDX visit we tried Voodoo Doughnuts. Yes, they are instagram friendly and very weirdly attractive doughnuts packed in pretty pink boxes. Sorry but not sorry. I was not impressed because of the amount of sugar and lack of fluffiness of their so called famous doughnuts. Heard so many good things about Blue Star Donuts so we gave it a try this time. All I can say to those foodie out there, picture friendly food is not the ones you should be looking for when you actually want great bites. Thumbs up for Blue Star.

IMG_0656 copy

We also visited Portland’s Niketown. Apparently, Portland’s Niketown was the first in North America?

We used up all our energy. Time to check-in to our Airbnb stay for the next 2 nights.

After a brief refresh, we ended our night with the famous Pok Pok and Salt & Straw. Both were popular places to dine. We waited close to 45mins to an hour and then the hostess probably cheated and just sat us cause we asked about the wait.

IMG_0708 copy

Day 2, the great food truck race begins. The saddest thing is when you see all the food you can eat but you do not have another stomach for all of it.

IMG_0751 copy

Downtown shopping did not satisfy us. With the currency situation right now, shopping is not as great in the States. We had to go to Portland’s best Woodburn Premium Outlet. 45 minutes drive away from downtown Portland but you get all the great deals and no tax! That… Is when shopping in the States made worth it.

I honestly did not go crazy. Got a pair of shoes and lots of cosmetics. Did not even purchase a piece of clothing which I was very surprise. Sav of course… Always either shoes or kitchen ware. He got a deep fryer… GG! At least he was willing to get some new clothes for work.

IMG_3955 copyWe were exhausted after spending a long day shopping. Shopping can be stressful! So we end our day at a very nice BBQ joint, Podnah’s Pit Barbecue. Oh boy, the food is on point. No wonder it was on Guy Fieri’s Triple D.

Day 3

Got up early in the morning and checked-out of our Airbnb. We head straight to Pine State Biscuits which already had a huge line up. I would say it was a 30-35 minutes wait. The wait was worth it. I think all of us kind of agreed that it was one of the best bites we had during our trip. The best biscuit I ever had!

IMG_4045 copy

IMG_0897 copyBefore we left the city, we stopped by Portland’s Saturday Market. We did not go their to shop. It was great to see local products, crafts and artwork people are selling at the market. There is music, food, and great friendly people. If you happened to be in Portland on a weekend. Be sure to check it out! It will only take an hour of your time to go through all the stalls.

The only regret was not visiting Stumptown Coffee… We did had their brew, they were literally at all the restaurants we visited. That is probably why we did not find the time to get to the actual store. Would love to plan for a tasting and visit of HQ next time! OH and breweries!

And this is how we spent 72 hours in PDX!

Be sure to check out my upcoming posts for details and experience with our food adventures in Portland.

To learn more about the city, I highly recommend you read “This is Portland” by Alexander Barrett. Light read with lots of fun facts that you would want to know about this place!





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