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Mister Artisan Ice Cream

Another hype for craft ice cream hovering all around Vancouverite’s social platform. Even Adele had to make an appearance for ice cream when she was in town last week for her concert.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you haven’t had a clue still… Say hello to Mister.

Mister artisan ice cream is basically craft ice cream made by nitrogen gas. I failed chemistry in school so I am in no position to explain this magic but according to Mister’s website intro:

Nitrogen is a natural element which makes up approximately 78% of our atmosphere. In its natural liquid state, nitrogen has an extraordinarily low boiling point of -196 degree Celsius. By using liquid nitrogen in the production process, Mister is able to rapidly freeze our product at ultra low temperatures which results in much smaller ice crystals and less air than found in traditional ice cream.

What does all this mean? A richer, creamier, denser ice cream that doesn’t require stabilizers and fillers. Made with pure, all-natural ingredients, we know you will love Mister at first scoop!

I must be honest, this is not something I am overly excited over because Hong Kong had their first nitrogen ice cream creamery several years ago and it was all over the media. So this is not the first time I am hearing this. However, I never got the chance to actually try this nitrogen made ice cream so yes it still got my attention.

According to the staff (pretty sure he was the owner), Mister replace their flavour approximately every 2-3 weeks. Some flavours stay as regular (like the creme brulee), and some get replaced according to the season. They will never have more than 8 flavours to choose from. Typically only 6 on a regular base.

mister02Thai Milk Tea $6

The flavour is on point. It tasted exactly like Thai Milk Tea. I believe they made actual Thai milk tea, put it in a mixer and poured nitrogen all over it so that it became ice cream. The flavour is so rich it really did not show any difference of an actual glass of Thai milk tea. The texture is very smooth, not necessary the creamiest ice cream I had but it is no doubt an outstanding bite of ice cream.

Creme Brulee $8

I did not order a creme brulee but my friend did. Got a bite of that and oh my it sure did taste like an actual creme brulee. You can find the creamy texture in this flavour. Yes, they torch burn your ice cream to give you that creme brulee crunchy top. I honestly see no difference to a real creme brulee except the fact it melts.

Other flavours include:

Dark Chocolate $7 | Double Oreo $7 
Strawberry Mint $8 | Vegan Chocolate $8




I really enjoyed Mister’s ice cream. I am very surprise to see how low the rating was on Zomato. The flavours are great and the texture is nice and smooth. Although the ice cream did melt faster than average creamery ice cream, I enjoyed every single bite of it. The price range is definitely expensive but the portion is very decent. You won’t complain there’s not enough ice cream in your cup. The nature of the ice cream doesn’t allow it to be in a cone which sucks. The gimmick is the process of making this ice cream, not the looks of it. Definitely is a revisit worthy location.

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