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Stella & Dot Trunk Show

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Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 11.15.00 AMStella & Dot’s stunning jewellery and accessories could be available for you to touch and try on in your very own apartment? Don’t you hate online shopping? Not being able to know what you are spending your money on and what kind of quality or guarantees you are signing up for? Stella & Dot makes this a more fun and easy process for you by allowing clients to host trunk shows at our own living room. Not only that the jewellery will be available for you to touch and try, Stella & Dot will also send a stylist along to show you all the tricks to rock those stunning and playful jewellery. As trunk show host, you also get exclusive discounts. Find out more here.

IMG_7243 copyIMG_7248My colleagues hosted a trunk show with Stella & Dot this week and it was a privilege for me to be able to attend and enjoy some luxurious time with the ladies and the beautiful jewellery. I was quite shy at first. It felt like going into a small boutique and being that awkward customer who is trying to go through every product and trying it on and not even knowing if I would make a purchase. Then as time went by, you have that fomo feeling which secretly encourages you to try on things over and over again just so you won’t miss any potential good buys. The next thing you know, you are at the stage of overwhelmingness. There’s so many good pieces, so many things you want. Your wishlist gets longer and longer. IMG_7245IMG_7244By this time, you probably need another glass of wine to help you get through the last stage, the stage of struggle and decisions. More or less, I must say this is a fun and spoiled experience. By spoiled, I mean a moment where you really put yourself in a mindset that you want to treat yourself and you know you’re not going to be a cheerful person if you walk away with nothing.

Readers who followed me would know that I’m not new to statement pieces because of J.Crew. But Stella & Dot truly fascinates me because of its versatility of their statement pieces. Many of their top seller pieces are pretty much a girl version of the transformers. You can wear it long, wear it short, wear it this way and wear it that way. You get a range of 2 looks to  6-8 looks just from one statement piece. For example, this Havana Pendant Necklace could give you a minimum of 3 different looks. The pendants have a perfectly designed hook attached which allows you to take the layers off and make it a single pendant, duo-pendant, or a tri-pendant look. Not only that, it also comes with a removable extension which allows you to lengthen it and make it a long necklace, or detach it to make it a short choker style necklace.

s&d copy

This is only one of the simplest versatile pieces. The Plume Feather Necklace, one of the spotlight in their newest collection is truly the most versatile pieces. It comes with two different feather colours to start off with, the black and the cobalt blue. If you’re not feeling the feathers today, the feather could be clipped off from the statement necklace so you would have a simple yet easy to wear gold statement. Not only that, each strand from the necklace could be clipped on and off like the feathers. Meaning, you can wear one strand of the necklace alone, or two, or three, or all of them. The twist added to this statement is flipping it the other way. Once you flip the necklace, you get the black on the gold strands and style it another way. This just all means this is an all occasion piece you cannot get tired of. Great investment I would say.


The one that caught my eye like love in first sight is the Natalie Necklace. Now, you must think I’m joking here. Well no, I thought it was a joke too but Natalie and Natalie just bonded. When I was asking our stylist Cheryl how much this necklace was, she said “the Natalie is $104.” I was wondering for a good while why she talked to me as if I was an object. Not until I was flipping the catalog and found out it was actually called the Natalie Necklace. Anyhow, love at first sight like I said. That cobalt blue just caught my eye. And the leather detailing fits so nicely on my collar. It was irresistible. The disappointment did not stop there. Once I was told I could flipped the necklace, it changed the story. It went from chic stylish to edgy and cool. The only boo boo is that the strands on the Natalie could not be clipped on and off. Not as fascinating as the Plume Feather Necklace but still gorgeous and stunning.


There are many more stunning pieces that I fell in love with but there’s just that many I can take home with me. Other than the statement necklaces, bracelets, cuffs, rings and earrings are also stunning and gorgeous. Like I said. It was a real struggle to go through that many jewellery and come down to a small affordable wishlist to bring home with you.

s&d2 copyIMG_7267Other than remarkable jewellery pieces, I would also recommend to check out their accessories. That includes engravable charms, scarves, wallets and bags. They are all great quality products. I really like the Madison Tech Wallet which has a easy snap carrier for your phone, more than enough card slots, and a coin purse. However, I don’t think the price is worth it. If I would invest, I would invest in one of their travel cases and organizers. Especially the Roll With It Jewellery Organizer. The organizer has 8 stud holes that hold up to 4 pairs of earrings, a clear pouch that can be snapped on and off that stores bracelets, a small zip pocket that stores rings and more earrings, and elastic security tabs that holds up to 6 necklaces. Cheryl also showed us cool ways to wear their scarves. Stella & Dot’s scarves are in great quality. I love it when scarves are heavy enough that actually would keep you warm. Their prints however, was not appealing to my taste. But Cheryl did showed us how to make a scarf into a vest. It is pretty cool I must say but not my style. Here is a video that Stella & Dot uploaded on their website that teaches you and I how to wear their scarves in 10 different ways – view here.

IMG_7291So after all the stress in deciding which few pieces you want to end up with. All you do is pay and wait for them to come in gorgeous gift ready packages and make yourself feel like it is Christmas. I was really impressed. The trunk show was on Tuesday evening and my package was delivered to my address on Friday morning. Fast and trouble-free. The one thing I was not impressed is not being exclusive when it comes to offers. You would had thought that purchasing at a trunk show would at least get your shipping fee waived if not getting any exclusive discounts. Yes, there are exclusive offers but once I go online at home… The offers you can get at home is the same you get at the trunk show. So really, there was no difference other than the fact most pieces are available for you to try and touch. I just can’t get over the face I had to pay for shipping. The packages, no doubt cute and gorgeous.

I end up with the Natalie Necklace (of course), the Pearl Spike Ring in gold, and the Deja Vu Pearl Stud Earrings. On second thoughts, I am planning to return the Pearl Spike Ring. Mainly because it didn’t fit me. Weird enough I tried it at the trunk show and a S/M size fits me. But I guess I’m a M/L afterall. Then it just came to this point where I think the ring didn’t fit as good on me as I thought it was. It also came in a bracelet and none of the ladies think it slipped on nice on them. I don’t know how I end up with the same design on a finger. It just wasn’t as right.

I really enjoyed this experience and I’m looking forward to their new holiday collection that will be launch early October. Just in time for my birthday! Cheryl also mentioned a collaboration with the Cancer Awareness campaign as October is the cancer awareness month. So stay tuned!

– nat


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