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welcome to the adult life

Hello peeps, I can’t believe time pass by this quickly. The last time I had time writing a blog post was 4 months ago. Within these 4 months, a lot had changed in my life and I can’t wait to share.

First, I got a new job! (yay)

Event planning is something I wanted to do as a life-long career. I don’t have a lot of experiences but I took a lot of chances when I was still in college and continue to do so now. I’m very grateful an opportunity came up. I am now working as an Assistant Event Coordinator at one of the four Sequoia Restaurants in Vancouver. Although it is an assistant position, I’m very grateful that I get to learn and step foot in this industry. I was exposed to a lot of skills I was not able to develop with my previous job in retail or positions in student organizations I have been involved with. It was stressful at first but I was lucky enough to have patience coworkers who are willing to lead me through. My position involves mostly contract and coordination work between the client and the restaurant.  It is not a life of an event planner, but it is definitely a great start that helps me as a stepping stone to get me to where I want to be. I still meet with clients, coordinate their events, and still be able to see satisfaction at the end of their event. This is what I want I love about being in events.

What is also new with my life is a life without a personal life.

Ever since graduation, I fall into the harsh reality where I have to stop asking parents for money to pay bills and tuition. I try really hard to survive in this expensive reality that I’m still trying to adapt. Being jealous of my college friends who still live with their parents and not needing to worry about paying rent and bills is no longer an option. However, this makes me a lot more mature and responsible as an adult-to-be. I was sick and tired of paying bills off of my pay cheques after pay cheque. Therefore, I made a decision not a lot of my friends understood – working 7 days a week. I kept my retail job and work 7 days a week so I get extra pay cheques to feed myself, treat myself. Yes, I won’t have a normal social life but I have to do what I need to do to ensure I can support myself.

I still enjoy life as an adult and as a post-graduate. Although I work 7 days a week, it is less stressful as a student. I come home from work and still get to enjoy my Asian dramas and time with my baby dog. Hopefully, I will pick up with my blogs again. I truly enjoy sharing through my blogs even I know I don’t have great writing skills and perfect English.

Please continue to look out for me and my blog posts!

– nat


About nat.

foodie, traveler, pug mama, and part-time fashion beauty guru.


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