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Ever since puberty started, I realized one of my biggest problem was not my acne. My acne eventually disappear with time. But there is one thing that is still bothering me up till now. I never realized it was not my problem until my sister told me she did research on the same problem. What really bothers me and make me feel ashamed of wearing sleeveless in the summer is my keratosis pilaris. For those who don’t know what keratosis pilaris is, this is a kind of skin problem you get. They are skin-colored bumps the size of a grain of sand, many of which are surrounded by a slight pink color. It looks like red rashes, second thought, it looks like billions of acne showing up all at one spot. Usually it is on your back or the side of your arms. Unfortunately mine was on the side of both arms. There’s many reason you get this skin problem, mine was due to genetic. And surprisingly, gene is the most common reason why people get keratosis pilaris. The bad news the day my sister did a full research on this problem it the day I found out this is something that doesn’t have a cure. My gene was from my dad. #sigh

My point is… Because of this incurable keratosis pilaris, I’ve been trying out numerous body scrub in the market, hoping and praying that it would at least help or soothe the damage it caused. And because of that, I learned one thing. Every girl should be taking care of their body. Just because your skin is hiding under your clothes everyday, it doesn’t mean your body need less care than you need on your face. Taking good care of your body is also an important skin care routine. Thanks to this keratosis pilaris thing, I was able to learn how to take care of my body as well.


IMG_5257The body scrub I’m currently using is by Jealous Body Scrub. Thanks to Jealous Body Scrub, I was able to explore such a wonderful product. The scrub I’m using is a coconut and coffee natural scrub. The scrub is guaranteed made from natural ingredients. I was so impressed once I opened the package. It warned me on the package where it says “it’s tempting, but please don’t eat me.” I didn’t believe it but I really had that sudden urge to taste the scrub. I’m sure if I was not warned enough, it would go into my coffee mug the next morning.

I’m not kidding.
It is like real grinned coffee.

Jealous Body Scrub’s coconut + coffee scrub comes in a pack of 200g. It is a scrub made from Robusta coffee and cold pressed 100% pure organic coconut oil. It also contains raw brown sugar, sea salt, vitamin E and minerals. Like normal body scrub, you take a hand full of the product and scrub it against your damp skin. The product suggested to have it sit on your body for at least 5-10 minutes after scrubbing it on your body before you wash it off.

Here is what the natural ingredients do to your skin:

Coffee: reduce appearance of cellulite, eczema, stretch marks, age spots, varicose veins, psoriasis and acne

Raw brown sugar and sea salt: exfoliate and rejuvenate skin

Cold pressed organic coconut oil: hydrate and moisturize skin

IMG_5270Vitamin E and minerals: protect and repair skin

I really love Jealous Body Scrub’s packaging and branding. They are so fun and lovable. It really made me feel like a friend is talking to me while doing good on my skin. It also came with a little card that says “we are finally together!” It leads me step by step in such a fun way.

The only criticism I would make is the fact that the product is in a paper package, it makes it really hard for me to bring it into the shower. Especially when this is a scrub that you need to damp your skin before applying it. It makes it even harder.

There is also a down side of reaching in for the product. I love the packaging cause it looks so nice and modern just like a real coffee pack. However, with my wet damp hands reaching in the small narrow bag will make me bring water into the package and damp the products in it. I don’t know how it would affect the product that is still sitting inside. But imagine you damped your sugar, the next thing you would know is that it became a solid hard rock of sugar and that’s no good.

IMG_5276Now after a long introduction to my first impression with the product. I should really talk about the actual product itself and how it worked on me.

One thing I must clarify. I AM giving my honest review. I am NOT paid to write this post. I was only given the product for review. And let me tell you…


I never had a better feeling coming out of the shower ever. Honestly, up till date my favourite scrub was from Bliss cause it had some sort of minty substance that freshen up my skin (not the smell but the actual application). But the Jealous Body Scrub.. Oh let me tell you about this scrub.

First of all, this scrub is a very natural and gentle product. It may be rough on your skin in order to help exfoliate it but once you wash it off of your skin, you will realize how gentle it is. And you will also realize they didn’t lie about the natural ingredient part. I can feel the coconut oil on my skin instantly. My skin felt so moist and soft after the scrub was rinsed off.

IMG_5431Another thing I’m not sure if I love it or not yet. I mentioned the scrub is like real coffee. After I use the product, I felt like I smell like coffee all day long. For Bliss, it literally freshen up my skin. I can feel it on my skin. But for Jealous Body Scrub, it was the smell and the aftermath that keeps me alive all day long. I guess I can cut down on my Starbucks once every week from now on. (lol)

Something else that makes me feel great with this product is its naturalness. When you grab a handful of the product and scrub it all over your body, it feels like you’re scrubbing mud on your skin. The scrub is really messy. It’s like when you were a kid and you jumped into mud or rolled on the ground. Then you go home and take a nice hot shower to rinse everything off. It makes me feel so real. The down side of it tho… The ingredients of the scrub doesn’t dissolve with water easily. While I have to clean myself up, I also had to clean my bathtub after the shower and remove all the remaining substances left from the scrub. I have a drainer, so I think it would help avoid the scrub clogging up the drain.

Overall, I really love Jealous Body Scrub’s coconut + coffee scrub. I think it works really well on my skin. For readers who follow me long enough, you should know I tend to use the product for a bit longer before I come up with my reviews. So far, this product not only worked well for one shower but it worked really well over time. It’s impossible to get rid of my keratosis pilaris but my skin is definitely feeling the love from the product. I’m urge to see the next Jealous Body Scrub.

– nat


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