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Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 11.16.09 PM2015 really started off like a blur for me. I was so busy working and studying in 2014 that I really didn’t even felt like I wrapped up 2014 and started 2015 off fresh. Recently I got this special opportunity to visit Marvice at Lumiere Skin Health & Wellness Centre and the experience really opened up my eyes and mind.

I am definitely a late comer when it comes to beauty and skin care. If you’ve read my make up story tag back in November, you probably know I barely started taking care of my skin when I turned 19. No one taught me anything, it was all from the internet, television, or sometimes a few Q&A with my mom. I tried my best to use the best products I can afford, and follow a simple but correct routine when it comes to my skin. I never knew it was that bad until Marvice used the Reveal Imager on my skin, a device that takes a picture of your skin and analysis your skin condition. Marvice knew immediately that I’m one of those lazy girls who don’t put sunscreen on and don’t drink enough water everyday. Apparently there are black spots and shadows hiding under my skin, and my skin is very dehydrated. It was actually kind of scary knowing these conditions. It is definitely an alert. I guess it is never too late to do something about it.

IMG_4751Marvice is very patience with her clients. She made sure that you understand what is going on with your skin, and what kind of products will be appropriate for the the treatment. I have very sensitive skin, so she suggested a gentle series of product on me. During the treatment, Marvice also made sure that you understand what she is doing, why she is doing this on your face, and what effect the products will give to your skin. It was a very relaxing and knowledgeable experience. I always thought I might be using the wrong products on my face as I have very sensitive skin. Very often I will have a very stingy feeling and have red rashes after I clean my face. It could had been the temperature of the water, or it could had been that there is alcohol content in my products that irritates my face. When Marvice used products on me, she told me the stingy feeling is because of the dehydrated condition of my skin. It is so desperate to absorb products that it gives a stingy feeling. And that is also why after a while it would go away. I felt so bad for my skin. Marvice said my skin is so desperate for water, all the products that were applied on my face absorbed very quickly. She didn’t even get the chance to gently press it on my face for it to absorb. I really needed that extra care and make sure I drink enough water everyday.

Marvice really did her research before starting her business. She went to numerous trade shows, and understand all the different type of products that are out there in the world! It really open your eyes that you should stop favouring big brands cause they are not necessary the best products out there. The products Marvice uses is Babor, a German skincare brand that uses all natural ingredients. Babor also has a full team of beauty scientists that explores and produce the best products for our skin. I went home with some of the Babor products and I’m still exploring them. If you want to know more about these products, stay tune.

But for the reference, Marvice used the HY-ÖL & Phytoactive Sensitive Cleansing Set, the Enzyme Cleanser (exfoliating), moisturizers, and also a few serum to heal my skin. This is what you get along with a nice massage when you purchase the luxury treatment package. For more details, please contact Marvice because the best is not the most luxurious. It really depends on what your skin needs. Babor has their own set of treatment routines. There is a certain way to massage your face using hot and cold water. Marvice received proper training from the Babor team before bringing it to her business. This is something I do appreciate.

IMG_4754If you want to take extra care of your skin, Marvice also suggested to use mineral makeup. The brand that she recommended was Youngblood. Youngblood is a brand made with finely ground minerals from the Earth. There is no chemicals, colour dyes, or any materials that would irritate your skin. If you never tried mineral products before, you must be careful. Not all skin types are appropriate for mineral products. Some skin types might have outbreaks when using mineral products. Youngblood is in a lot of fashion magazine

Girlfriends, I highly recommend you all to start taking care of your skin starting from a young age. Women at the age of 25 will start facing aging. You don’t want to use all your money trying to heal your skin cause it will be costly and ineffective. You always want to try preventing problems. So before problems start showing, treat yourself better.

Marvice have a very professional set of treatments ready for you. Learn more today through http://lumierespa.ca/ or call 604-801-9881.

Rogers Building, 401-470 Granville Street,
Vancouver, V6C 1V5
info@lumierespa.ca (604) 801-9881

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