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Fable Kitchen

When I graduated my sister treated me to dinner at Fable. I was really happy and grateful about it. It was delicious.

The name Fable comes for the words “farm” and “table.” The idea is that the restaurant would source out local ingredients and bring them from the farm to your table. This is a restaurant by Chef Trevor Bird who is on Top Chef Canada Season 2. My sister lives in the neighbourhood and she told me sometimes she would walk pass the Fable and see Chef Trevor in the kitchen prepping the food. It is less likely to see him cooking during the service hours. Anyways, because Fable source local ingredients for their food, their menu would change from time to time according to the season. I apologize if this not as updated as it should be to their menu since the last visit was before the holidays. IMG_2540Either way, I’m grateful for the food and would love to share it with you all.


I started off with nice girly cocktail. This is a mixture of beefeater gin, rose syrup, fresh lime, and peach bitters. It is a very refreshing sweet cocktail. I’m not the biggest fan of the drink although the taste did appeal me. It was very light and I just wish there’s a bit more of that rose syrup in it. I don’t love mint but it could make a change with a piece of mint in it.


For appetizer (or at Fable they call it the First Course), I ordered the chickpea fritters. It is chickpeas smashed into a small patty and then deep fried. The dish is topped with pickled red onions, shoots, and a curry mayo sauce. I actually love this dish. I’m a fan of chickpeas. But the only reason I said I love it is because of the curry mayo sauce. Honestly this is a very well composed dish. The only problem was it was overcooked! The fritters are burnt. It is like a piece of charcoal when it came to our table. What was also disappointing is the lack of seasoning. The fritters are not very flavourful. It is the curry mayo that really saved this whole dish. I still like it and would order it again to give it a second chance just cause I’m a sucker for chickpeas.


I ordered the duck breast for my second course (main course). It was served with quinoa, nuts and seeds, cauliflower and brussels. The duck was cooked perfectly and I love the combination of quinoa, nuts and seeds. I think there was some raisins in there but I’m not sure. I was never a big fan of quinoa but the combination was really good. The raisins or whatever was that gave it a sweet profile and it went very well with the sauce that came with the duck.


Daddy and my boyfriend Sav ordered the steak. It comes with triple cooked potatoes, mushrooms, and broccolini. Sav is not a fan of broccolini so I get to eat all of his broccolini. The steak was very tender. Perfectly cooked just like the duck. I don’t know what sauce it came with but it was delicious too. Sav can never be satisfied with a portion like this. Plus, my mom loves potatoes in any form so we ordered extra triple cooked potatoes and mushrooms on the side.



My mom is a vegetarian so she had an order of the squash gnocchi without the option of adding pulled pork. Adding pulled pork to it costs an extra $5. The squash gnocchi is served with a squash puree which is absolutely delicious, and it comes with chanterelles and pesto. Gnocchi is made fresh and delicious. The texture is just right and it is not overcooked. I love how they touch it up in the pan again to give that little sear to the gnocchi so it doesn’t come on the plate just by boiling them. It changes the texture of the food.


My sister ordered the special of the night. I really don’t remember what came with it but I remember her pork chop dish was the largest portion among all of our main courses. It was a thick piece of pork chop and was also cooked perfectly. I’m also hesitant ordering pork chop when dining out cause they are often easily overcooked and I hate the rough texture. But the chop is very tender. I loved the flavours.


We were about to step out of the restaurant without ordering dessert but thank god we did not do that. My sister and I made a share order of the dolce de leche cheesecake. IT IS SO GOOD! I’m sorry but the dessert was actually the best dish I had throughout the courses we had. It was not what we expected. We were looking forward to an actual piece of cheesecake but it turns out to be a bowl of deconstructed cheesecake! It’s so funny cause my sister and I were so excited and was like omg this is such a Top Chef thing! Anyways, it was a bowl of cheesecake topped with some apple and seeds (I believe it is sunflower seeds), and cookie crumbles. It’s like a apple crumble served cold with a cheesecake base. It was so delicious!! It really did wrapped up our meal perfectly.


I love the idea of the restaurant I do support sourcing from the locals as this also reduce carbon footprints. However, it is a high end restaurant and portions are small. It’s not a place I would dine out at on a daily basis. Flavours are great, great service, and great place to hang out with friends or with your date. Although there were flaws on some dishes and my fritters were burnt, I will revisit on a special occasion. Especially for the deconstructed cheesecake (only if they could be on the menu forever!).

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