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how to be a sport chic gal

Happy post Super Bowl everyone! I’m not a game fan but I did get invited to watch the game with my colleagues this past Sunday. I’ve been in the States for 2 years and the football culture honestly did not hit me much. But since the people around me are big fans, I do feel like I’m part of them too. Just like how I didn’t grew up under the Canucks culture but because I am Canadian I still cheer for the team. When it comes to football… I cheer for Seahawks lol. I’m sorry but I’m just not a sporty person and games are not something I care much. However, when it comes to fashion… I do do sporty.

sport chic

I’m so happy Fanatics cross path with me cause I never knew where to get my team gears. I do have Canucks baseball caps and t-shirts at home. Although I’m not a die hard fan, I still dress up in my team gears once in a while to show the spirit. Especially during days like the Super Bowl! Today, I want to share how I would dress up with a simple team accessory!

    To start with, I found this cute simple beanie on the Fanatics website. They have a lot of great styles to choose from but in order to dress up with a sporty look, I recommend something that is very simple. I am a person who loves cute elements and believe it or not, all my beanies at home does have a pom pom. It just gives it a more younger look. A simple black beanie with your favourite team logo! In my case, Seahawks!
    The next step of a sporty look is sweatpants! BUT. We are aiming for a sporty chic so I’m going with a chambray wash sweatpants. It’s almost like demin but sweatpants style. This helps to give that sporty look but also to give you that casual chic every pair of demin would add to your basic looks.
    I’m a J.Crew fan and all J.Crew fans should be very familiar with all those glamorous jewelry. For a sporty look, I always recommend to step up the outfit with big shinny statement earrings. However, I want to show a more simple cute look that people are comfortable with. Not everyone is use to big statement jewels. I choose a embellished tank top from Forever 21. This tank has the basic black colour with small crystal gems around it. It also has a drapey material which gives that chic and classy element to your outfit. What is also great about this tank with the joggers is the difference of texture. You always want your outfit to be playful not just by the style or colours but also with textures.
    To continue a sporty look, I paired it up with a pair of classic white sneakers from Nike. I love this pair of sneakers because of its simple look. This simple look does help with the chic we are looking for. What also shows that chic is its detail on the logo. I know it might not show in the picture but the logo where it is silver… It is actually a metallic material.
    Moving back to the chic element… A classic coat could totally tune down the sporty look and give you that chic touch. Don’t worry about it being too formal. If you don’t want something that long or classy, go with a boyfriend coat. I had one of those boyfriend coat from J.Crew and they go well with anything! This little move can make people feel like you actually tried playing around with your outfit. Not like you would just randomly wear a hoodie because you have sweatpants and sneakers on.
    Now to finish off with your outfit, I recommend any kind of cross shoulder bag or totes. I personally like a white leather bag just cause Spring is on the way and you do want to start brightening up your outfits to celebrate it. Leather is a great texture that goes well with any style. You can do cool, you can do hipster, you can do classy or sporty with leather. With a nice bag like this, cross shoulder or tote style would balance it the chic into a more casual look so you can tie that sporty side of you in easily.

I hope you like my sport chic look recommendations! To find more fabulous team gears, visit http://www.fanatics.com!

– nat


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