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dine out vancouver 2015

dov-logo4-590x817DINE OUT VANCOUVER! My favourite time of the year to have the best excuse going out with my boyfriend and friends to have expensive food in a lower price. Seriously.

Just when I’m still recovering my wallet from the disastrous holiday spending I shouldn’t have made… Dine Out Vancouver catches up and cause even more damage to my poor little wallet. I might sound upset but I’m really not. But after years of Dine Out, I know what I should do and shouldn’t do. This post is a little something to share about my take on Dine Out Vancouver, and some good tips to first time Dine Out Vancouver participants.

Dine Out Vancouver is not a time for you to check off your to-try-lists.

As disappointing as it is… Yes, this is not the best time of the year to try out new restaurants or check off to-go-lists. This time of the year, everyone is out for good deals. Chances to try expensive menus in a cheaper price. And enjoy the luxury of having a full 3 course meal at a reasonable price. The restaurants are packed, fully booked, and trying to flip their tables as much as possible. Can you image how busy the kitchen could get? And how the food would be half of the quality it should be on a normal day? I know I can’t say for all restaurants but I did experiment this by visiting a restaurant which I’ve been to when it was not during the festival. It turns out that the food is just not as good as it was. Waiters and waitresses have less patience because people are spending less money on their tables during Dine Out. I honestly would not recommend people to review a restaurant through Dine Out. Especially when most Dine Out participating restaurants are not even serving the same food on their regular menu. Most restaurants designed a new menu just for the festival. You should only prepare yourself reviewing the Dine Out experience with the restaurant for accuracy.

Dine Out is for the good times

Nat, if Dine Out if not about the food then what am I dining out for? There are advantages about Dine Out and we should all make good use of the opportunities. Dine Out is more about the experience, the goal is to get people out there during the quietest season of all year around. It is not just for the business sake but also for people who spent too much during the holidays continue experiencing good social times with their friends and family at a lower budget. I go out for the food but I also go out for the good times. How often would you go out and enjoy a full 3 course meal? Especially when you’re just an university student, you want to order food that is filling and go. I rarely order appetizers or dessert at a restaurant unless it is a special occasion cause usually they are not worth the price. Dine Out is your opportunity to sit down and spend more time with your friends enjoying a full course meal at an affordable price. Enjoy the moment, talk to your friends, stay longer in a restaurant. That is what I like about Dine Out.

Share the moment

On top of having a good time. It is also a time to share food! There’s only 1-3 options on Dine Out menus. If you’re going with friends, mind as well share the moment. Try ordering different dishes so you all could share. Sharing good times at a table is not just about talking life and gossiping. Good food, and sharing food, are also moments that could be cherish and enjoyed.

Expensive menus are not the best menus

If you’re really here just for the food. Let me tell you, don’t just go for the expensive menus. You really have to do your homework on this. Yes, an expensive menu will take you to a pricey and fancy restaurant. But the menus are designed for Dine Out which is served at a lower cost. Expensive menus (restaurants) are not going to give you their signature dish or their expensive dish. Use your logic and look through the menu by asking yourself whether those courses are worth your money. Would you come back to this restaurant with the same amount of money and order their signature entree instead? Don’t forget about $28 and $18 menus. I often found myself with lots of good $28 menus at neighbour restaurants. You will be surprise how filling AND delicious some $28 menus are ofter at restaurants you never heard of before.


It is almost a MUST to make your reservation as soon as possible. Restaurants (especially the popular ones) are packed! I remember making 9 PM reservations cause they were fully booked. Especially when you’re planning to go out during the weekends. Make good use of apps like Urpanspoon and Open Table. Save you the trouble of calling. Remember, other than Dine Out diners, there are regular diners as well. Don’t assume you can walk in or make last minute reservations! You’re just gonna be risking your own dinner plan.

Nat’s Dine Out Vancouver 2014 Reviews

If you’re interested in reading some reviews. Check out my food blog Pug Life Confession! Here are some restaurants I reviewed for last year.

The Oakwood Canadian BistroChambar RestaurantCatch 122 Cafe and BistroGramercy Grill

nat wishes you all have a great time out there munching!

– nat


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