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Save On Meats

Save On Meats was on my list for the longest time. I’m surprise that it was not checked off anytime earlier since I literally went to school a block down the road. I heard great things about its food, and I’ve seen Guy Fieri on Food Network munching down food in his mouth in there. It was such a long time ago, I really don’t remember what they featured on the show. I honestly was disappointed cause I always go for what is recommended. So if anyone had an idea what Guy Fieri ate on the show, please comment and let me know!! I will go back just for it.

This is probably not the most exciting post you would find reading since so many people have already blogged about it. I hope you just bare with me. I do blog about my food adventures not because I want to get popularity, I do it because I really enjoy food and I like to talk about it. And since not a lot of people like to hear me brag about the food vocally, blogging is my best alternative compared to just talking to myself and keeping mouth watering pictures in my phone. (lol)


I was not in the mood for burgers that day. It is a diner, I should had ordered a burger or a nice brunch dish with bennys but no, I ordered their shephard’s pie. And no, I did not regret it. It does look like it’s just minced meat covered up by mash potatoes but hey it is really delicious. Meat was cooked well, no over cook. I love how it is actually not saucy cause I don’t like my minced meat soaked in sauce. The meat itself is still juicy tho. I love how the carrots in the meat is not all the way cooked. When you bite into it you still get a little crunch texture of the carrot. It balanced off really well. Mash is creamy and smooth and I love how they have potato crunch on top. Gives it another kind of texture. It was a perfectly seasoned dish. It does come with a side of green salad.


It said seafood chowder but I honestly only tasted clams in the chowder. Don’t know what a Nova Scotian chowder taste like but it’s a pretty darn good chowder. I love how they don’t be cheap about it. Every spoon I put in my mouth have a clam or something else. I’m not sure if there’s other seafood in there to be honest. This is a bowl order but it also comes in a cup order.


My man is a greedy man (greedy on food). Of course he would go for the build your own burger option so he could put everything he love in his mouth with a nice piece of meat. I have no idea what he put in his burger but I remembered having a bite of it and it was so good cause he put blue cheese in it! Not everyone is a fan of blue cheese but if you do love blue cheese… Omg. It tasted so good on the burger with the avocados. My man also is a fan of onion rings over french fries. But not a lot of places make good onion rings. These ones are pretty good. Honestly not the best one I ever tasted. But it is crispy and not soggy in oil.


Save On Meats no doubt have great food. All their flavours are great. And the best part is their meat comes locally and fresh every day. I didn’t give it 5 out of 5 stars cause they have good food but nothing surprising. There’s not much of a wow factor in their food. They literally just taste good. I’ll come back for sure cause they know how to cook their food. But after the visit, I honestly won’t crave to go there for a long while like I use to crave and beg my boyfriend to take me there anymore. It’s not one of those you would say omg I want to go there and have this and that. It’s more like oh I’m close by, they have great food, and it’s open, and I don’t know what to eat, so yes I’ll come in for a nicely cooked and seasoned dish of meat.

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