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Jelly Modern Doughnuts

Throwback Thursday! Shame on me. I won’t deny that I have been putting Pug Life Confession aside for a while as I’m trying build up my new personal blog mostly about life, beauty, and fashion. Ever since I’ve been in retail, my interest in beauty just grew bigger and bigger. It was a joy for me to spend some time and on my blog talking about things I like. Just like how I enjoy sharing my munch munch moments with you all here. I promised myself to keep up both blogs. It’s just that ever since graduation, life have been a little more difficult than before. My boyfriend and I haven’t really been out exploring ever since my parents left for my convocation. Hence, this is a throwback Thursday post! I’m digging up places I’ve been to the past 3 months but I didn’t get a chance to write about yet. Starting with something sweet and light, something I still dream about every night – Jelly Modern Doughnuts!

IMG_1539IMG_1549I’m giving kudos to my friend Jenny from Calgary. She recommended me this lovely doughnut joint and I really thought I was sent to heaven. Like it claims in its name, this doughnut joint has a very modern touch to it. Jelly’s doughnuts are made with organic and local raw materials, preservative free. Not only that, they are an eco-friendly joint that believes in recycling and saving the world by using recyclable packaging and eco-cutlery. Oh, and obviously, good doughnuts like Jelly Modern’s would be made fresh every day.

IMG_1550Jelly Modern has the cutest interior I ever seen at a doughnut joint. I felt like I could almost host a girl’s night party, baby shower party, bachelorette party, or what ever girly party that could associate with pink at their place! : P In fact they actually are open for events for after hours. If I live in Calgary, I’m totally hosting one. Don’t care what’s the occasion for. I can live there and it will make up happy every single minute I take a bite of those delicious doughnuts. Anyways, before I go too far away from talking about those actual treats, lets move on.

Jelly Modern serves a very big range of different flavours. Obviously it is impossible to see all of these flavours being served everyday. They do have a daily specials. So if you’re hunting for specific flavours, you better take a good look at their calendar first. Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 7.18.48 PM

Now they also have doughnuts of the month. Don’t miss out seasonal and monthly special flavours!

I tried my best to maximize my tummy and stuff as much flavours in it as possible. It is a long ride to Calgary. I’m just getting the best out of it. : )


I started off with a light refreshing flavour, the lemon curd. This flavour is available almost every day during the week except for Tuesday. This is one of Jelly Modern’s hand fill doughnuts, soft dough with a lemon curd filling in the center and dipped in fresh lemon glaze. The nice citrus flavour balanced the sweetness of the glaze. It made such a great refreshing appetizer for me. Nom nom nom, moving on!


My mom picked out the caramel apple flavour. It was one of the seasonal fruits, doughnuts of the month. This is also one of the hand fill doughnuts with a soft dough and filled with caramelized apple in the middle and dipped into a caramel glaze. Although it sounds really sweet, it wasn’t. The doughnut was not overly stuffed with the fillings so it actually got a good balance on the sweetness as it was tone down by the dough.


How can I not dig into this little guy? Everything sweet and with bacon is going into my tummy y’all! The very first time I tried bacon in a doughnut was at Voodoo Doughnuts way back when I visited Portland in 2012. I still remember that doughnut cause I was really not a fan even everyone was raging about it. Jelly Modern’s maple bacon was not my favourite either but it was still tasty. The reason I wasn’t a fan is because the flavours are okay. But the doughnut itself is still really delicious. This doughnut is a soft dough with a brown maple glaze and topped with bacon crumbles. The doughnut is available everyday during the week. It has very nice maple flavour but the bacon is just not satisfying to me. I was expecting a more comforting flavour that would make me feel guilty after munching it down. You know what I mean? : P


Moving on to some flavours that are on the sweeter edge. They gal at Jelly told me S’mores is one of their top selling doughnuts. Can’t go wrong with that could we? S’mores is available almost everyday except for Mondays. It is another hand fill doughnut by Jelly Modern with their housemade marshmallow creme and a chocolate ganache glazed. It is also topped off with their housemade marshmallow and some graham cracker crumble. I absolutely love this doughnut! The chocolate ganache is delicious and is not over powering the marshmallow creme. That sticky marshmallow gives you comfort. THAT, is what I’m looking for. The taste that would make you feel guilty after the first bite.


The last flavour I picked out was the nanaimo bar, doughnut of the month. It was the sweetest among all flavours we picked out. Soft dough with nanaimo bar filling and dipped into a dark chocolate ganache. Also topped off with nanaimo bar crumble. It is dark chocolate and I was expecting the bitterness would cut the sweetness down but it didn’t. It was sweet but not to a point you would say omg I can’t take another bite kind of sweet.



Jelly Modern Doughnuts on UrbanspoonYou must be thinking oh just filled doughnuts? No cake doughnuts or jelly stuffed doughnuts? I wished. It was towards the end of the day when I got there and there wasn’t a lot left to be tasted. It was a Wednesday and I had really really high hopes for the red velvet cake doughnut! Ugh.. Not my luck. Overall, I am just going to say I found my new favourite #1 doughnut place. The problem is just that it’s too far away from home. I think defining good doughnuts is a very personal taste thing. Some people love it soft, some people love it a little bit more dense. I always tell people I never found a good local doughnut joint I loved in Vancouver. My favourite was always Krispy Kreme. To best describe Jelly Modern’s texture, they do have that Krispy Kreme texture. Light and soft. It’s one of those doughnuts you can put on a piece of tissue paper and would not find the paper soaked with oil after 20 minutes. That’s how I like my doughnuts. Voodoo Doughnuts have great flavours but they are just too greasy to me. In Vancouver, people rage about hipster doughnutry Cartems a lot. I love their flavours and texture but I can’t get over the fact that it greased up my tissue paper after leaving it sit on the table for 15 minutes cause I was too focused on chit chatting with my friend. That’s not the doughnut I like. I love Jelly Modern, and the next time I re-visit Calgary, this will be my must go plus must buy as my road trip snack on my way back.

– nat


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