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j.crew november favs ♥ the sweat edition

Since the holidays are coming by soon, I figured I should write one of these posts again because who doesn’t love Christmas sweaters and holiday party outfits right? The last J.Crew favourites I did was for September. I really didn’t see any to die for items I want to rage about but now that the holiday stuff slowly sneaks into the stores, I really cannot not write about it. And because I’m a sucker for sweaters and sweatshirts, here is a November favourite the “sweat” edition!


jcrew sweaters

    The reason I love this sweatshirt is because of the extended peacock pattern. I have a love for this pattern cause it shows a sense of feminine. In our Chinese saying, if a male peacock extends its tail in front of you, it means you’re a true beauty. From that extend, peacock represents/symbolize beauty.

    • Easy styling. Just the normal J.Crew way –  add a white collar shirt under the sweatshirt so it gives a more classy and stylish look.
    • Because the peacock is a very loud pattern. We don’t want to take away the focus by over accessorizing the outfit. If you’re one of those statement necklace fans like I am, I would not recommend wearing one for this outfit. You can choose a collar shirt that has embellished jewel on the collar so you still get that bling factor. OR you can wear a simple round necklace to elevate your outfit.
    • The way the peacock spreads out to your arms can easily make your body look a little bit board on top. I would recommend anything skinny for your bottom so you won’t extend that outwards on the top and on the bottom.
    I love this sweater!! The colours are so funky so playful! It is absolutely the best sweater to wear to any Christmas party! It has the classic patterns. All I need is just a cozy scarf and coat with a nice cup of hot chocolate in my hands! The only thing I don’t quite like is it’s fitting.
    3b72e74128dda930c1730f04629f7f80It is a little bit boxy but it just makes it look like one oversize sweater. Even cozier than it is.

    • I don’t think collar shirts are necessary for this sweater because it itself is a very fun loving Christmas sweater.
    • However, the company dressed the model in our style guide with a shirt under the sweater and it still adores. I would recommend to go with a colour shirt instead of the classic white. This is a fun sweater, so a fun shirt is needed.
    • Just remember not to go overboard with the fun factors. Even you’re going with a colour shirt, try to use simple plain ones. Pattern shirts won’t do the job cause your sweater is very very fun already.
    • If you like the bling factor, pick a shirt that has embellished jewels on the collar.
    • White crystal statement necklaces is recommended over colourful statement necklaces. Trust me, that way your necklace AND the sweater will both stand out.
    • Choose a simple bottom. ANY bottom that is plain and simple! Same reason, you don’t want to over do your outfit with tons of patterns going on all over your body! Less is more. Only 1-2 items should be the statement of your outfit.
    This is such a classy sweatshirt. A lot of clients actually came asking for it even before it hits the sales floor. It didn’t take us a week to see this sweatshirt sold out. Like it was named. It is oversized. It is also quite long, like almost covering your bum. It doesn’t bother me. Funny, cause one of our male very personal stylist bought one for himself. That’s how popular it was.

    • Since this is such a long oversize sweatshirt, I would highly recommend wearing it with a mini skirt with it. That way you would get a little bit length for your body. You don’t want the long sweatshirt take your height away from you.
    • I’m not going to lie at age 24 I try not to wear classic pearl necklaces with this classy sweatshirt cause it will just add age to my outfit. There’s nothing wrong about it, in fact it will look really nice together. But like I said, I don’t want to add age to my outfit. Instead, I would spike it up with bigger pieces of earrings or bracelets. Some classic gold or white crystal would work.
    Okay. When I first saw this sweater I was dying. This sweater had the most perfect champagne pink colour ever. People had doubt about all that sparkle but I love it on this sweater! To be honest I hated all the other colours that came in this sweater. It looks like some kind of skating uniform. But this champagne pink is just right. I was so close to getting it but I know I won’t be wearing this sweater as often so I went with a plain non-sparkle grey version of the same sweater.

    • With that much sparkle, you don’t need another sparkle sparkle statement necklace. You DO need a statement necklace cause the sweater is a little dry without elevating it. You gotta make it look chic and prevent it from looking like a skater’s uniform. Find something that is big but solid and claim. Like a piece of gold necklace without further bling.
    • Don’t wear it with a collar shirt. This is a fun sweater, you don’t need to force it into a classy elegant look.
    • If you’re going out for a party, wear a nice bralet. The slits on the side will give you the “just right” kind of sexiness you need.
    I’m always a fan of the Hugo Guinness designs for J.Crew. They are always so simple yet catchy and cute. When I first saw this sweater I almost died. Like what it wrote – bliss. It gave me bliss. So cute, simple, yet chic. I’m such a sucker for hand written prints.

    • The sweater does have a fuzzy texture. It is meant to be a little more casual so I would not try to step it up and create a loud outfit with it.
    • I would also skip the idea wearing it with a pair of chambray wash jeans. You don’t want your head to bottom look so monotone. I would spike the outfit up with some pattern bottoms. I got a pair of dot pattern jeans in light purple colour. It would look so cute with the sweater.
    Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 11.19.29 PMI was so disappointed that there’s barely any bling sweater or sweatshirt this year. Last year, we got bling this and bling that. I love the bling. I think every outfit should have something that contains the bling factor. It could be a necklace, an earring, or bracelet. A sweater or sweatshirt that comes with a bling is the best for lazy people like me. This is the perfect sweatshirt to be styled in the J.Crew way. Classic white collar shirt under it and maybe a cute crepe material plaza skirt?

    jcrew sweater 2

    I adore this sweater!! I fell in love with it because of our style guide. The way the model dress it up with a long collar shirt under it and leave the side-zip un-zip is so cute! That elephant parade skirt tho… I just felt like this is the best outfit put together for the whole winter collection. It had the oversize sweater kind of cozy feeling, the collar shirt under the sweater kind of classy feeling, the side-zipper which gives a sense of style chic feeling, and that elephant parade origami skirt giving that gold and shimmer every Christmas outfit needs.However, the reason this was not my favourite pick and instead it became a love-hate pick is because of it’s fitting. The fitting was really weird. It was not only just boxy but it was so stiff looking when I put it on. With the length of the sweater adding to that fit, it made me look really wide and big. Obviously I don’t have a model body figure so it won’t look good on me.

    Something that I also didn’t like was the price point. Our sweaters usually stays around 100-130 dollars depending on the design or material. This sweater is just made out of wool and it costs above 200 dollars. Yes the cable work is gorgeous but I don’t think it is worth anything more than 150 dollars. It is a little be overpriced.

    e4651462eb66084879d99b73bb5f4965When I first saw this sweater in our style guide, I thought it was a collection item. This sweater never came to our store and it was only available at Bloor Street, our first Canadian collection store. I really love the colours of this sweater. The brush colours make it look very feminine and cute. Especially with the material, mohair, that fuzziness and the brush colours combination is just perfect.Lucky enough we had customers ordered it from Bloor Street and didn’t like it so they returned it at our store so I got to try it on. I had really high hopes on it. Even mohair is not my favourite material cause it does itch my skin, I was ready to buy it and wear it like our model with a shirt under it. I have to admit the size I tried on (XS) was small on me. I probably needed a size small. However, when I tried it on it didn’t look good at all! Maybe because I have wider shoulders and a fat arm… The fuzzy mohair made me look like a snow monster! I had customers trying this sweater on and a lot of them also had doubts with the fitting. I guess it only works on skinny people cause the fuzziness balances out with their body shape?

    To be honest I do love the sweater, too bad it didn’t look good on me at all. It looks super cute on the model. And the surprising thing is it is NOT a collection plus, price was very J.Crew reasonable.

    3c652b6b4e2c74ec2063d2266d468330The chunky turtleneck was featured on the cover of our November style guide. Everyone was asking about it before it came to the store, just like the Exploded Floral Sweatshirt. The turnout was the opposite tho… I really like the sweater cause it is the most cozy looking sweater we have. The colours are basic and I guess it was styled really well in the style guide with a nice pair of re-patched distressed boyfriend jeans and a fuzzy mohair scarf. One of those simple chic style everyone needed.A lot of customers thought it was too cropped and that the material is too easily attached to other fabric. I don’t know how many rollers you need in order to become fluff ball free after wearing this. It would be a headache if I had my melton coat on. I however love the crop cutting of the sweater. I’m not a tall person so I really like crop tops. It gives your body better length. A good styling trick is to always at least find an item that gives yo length (a crop top, a high waist bottom, a mini skirt, hot pants, heels, etc.)

    The fitting of the sweater was also one of the miss. The lining of the shoulders actually drops further down. It made me look super wide. It was not the most appealing sweater to most customers. What a shame! I was really loving it.

Hope you all enjoy the sweat edition. Have a fuzzy, cozy winter! Leave comments below if you want to hear more about other products (not sweaters or sweatshirts) I love this winter from J.Crew! I have some great picks in mind!

– nat


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