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Hey gals, sorry it has been a while since my last post. Finally got some down time to sit down with a nice cup of holiday coffee and spend some time on writing up some posts. My friend Carmen tagged me for the “My Makeup Story” tag and I’m actually excited to do this. Here we go!


At age 19. Spending the summer with my girlfriend trying on makeup for the first time.

At age 19. Spending the summer with my girlfriend trying on makeup for the first time.

The first time I put makeup on was probably around 3 or 4 years old. It was that time when every little gal would start to crawl up to their mom’s vanity table and steal lipsticks and blushes for their little apple cheeks. And it was that time when you had to perform on stage for the end of semester gathering and end of year Christmas gathering in school. Obviously, that won’t be the exact time of my life I would say I actually started makeup. My mom never encouraged me to put on makeup at a young age. She keeps explaining how my skin is still developing and growing. It is very important to keep it clean and let it breathe. On top of that, it was also because I didn’t have money to buy my own makeup. My parents kept all my money in the bank and I was only given a certain amount of money every month. A number I could only afford to buy snacks after school.

The very first time I bought my own make up was at the age of 19 when I had to attend my high school graduation dinner gala (aka prom). I remember spending the whole summer with my girlfriend practicing makeup before the actual dinner. I started with very simple makeup. Basically eyeliner, eyeshadow, and mascara. Ever since the graduation dinner, I put on makeup a lot more often. Not too long after the graduation dinner, I went to California for my post-secondary education. That is probably the time I start to put on makeup every single day. I was still very conservative tho. Other than eye makeup, I didn’t try putting anything else on my face.


Japanese fashion magazine Popteen.

Japanese fashion magazine Popteen.

When I started makeup I was never into makeup. Or I should say I never thought I needed makeup. My eyebrows are very thick and dark and all I wanted was to make it thinner so I never put product on it. I had very sensitive skin so I never put foundation on. I think my lips are naturally pigmented so everytime I put lipstick on I felt like my lips are bolded and it looks like sausages. I didn’t knew how to use blush so everytime I put blush on I felt like I’m making myself look like a Chinese doll. I thought I never needed makeup but the truth is I didn’t know how to use makeup. I didn’t care at that time but then all the other girls around me start growing with makeup.

Age 20. Imitating Japanese model make up from Japanese fashion magazines.

Age 20. Imitating Japanese model make up from Japanese fashion magazines.

I wasn’t into YouTube so I didn’t learn my makeup through YouTube. My mom never taught me makeup. I self taught myself by looking at fashion magazines. I was really into Japanese fashion at that age of 19. I was obsessed with Japanese model Lena Fujii from ViVi Magazine. I was also a fan of other Japanese magazines like Seventeen and Popteen. The more I’m into it, the more I want to look like them. I started with the fashion, then realized that my face doesn’t match the outfit (not kawaii enough). So I started copying the style of makeup looks these Japanese models have on their face. Mostly very clean but exaggerated eye looks with cute pink blushes. The most product I used was probably fake eyelashes. And on days I don’t have my eyelashes on, I made sure I had plenty of eyeliner and mascara on. My focus was trying to make big round doll eyes that would match my pink, floral, lace, bling, dolly look. The more I explore with makeup, the more I couldn’t live a day without makeup. I was not adventurous at all. As I grow with makeup, I start to find what products that I need and what looks best on me. I start to develop the style I want to bring out. And gradually I stop imitating people’s makeup looks and just kept it simple so I can still shine as the true me.


I haven’t been into makeup long enough to name brands I love because I haven’t tried enough brands to judge. However, there are a few brands that haven’t failed me within these short few years since I started using makeup.

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 12.37.46 AM

Too Faced Melted Long Wear Lipstick Collection.

Too Faced is one of my favourite. Their eyeshadow palettes and blushes are always pigmented and long lasting. Recently I’m exposed to their lipsticks and they are also very promising products. Nothing failed me so far. The product I’m in love with recently is the Melted Long Wear Lipstick collection. The applicator is fabulous.


Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer.

Bobbi Brown is no doubt one of my favourite. They are known for their flawless foundation but my love for Bobbi Brown started with their creamy concealers. It is one of the best ones I ever tried and it gives a really good coverage I needed without making me look like I have a lot of product on my face. Other than face products, Bobbi Brown actually owns really good lipstick products. My favourite is their creamy lipstick collection. It is so moist on your lips and the colours are very pigmented. What I love about Bobbi Brown is how it’s products are able to give every girl a very natural finishing touch to their looks because they tend to keep their products within the natural colours. Oh and a small memory of me and Bobbi Brown… Bobbi Brown is the first place where I got my brows trimmed. My mom use to take me to Bobbi Brown stores when I was in Hong Kong.

Kiss Me Heroine Mascara.

Kiss Me Heroine Mascara.

Kiss Me is a Japanese cosmetic brand that I fell in love with since the first day I start using makeup. It’s Heroine Mascara is the best long lasting one that would not smudge after a very long day. Never failed me. And when I apply the mascara, it gives me a very nice volume that no other brand were able to give me before. Other products like it’s liquid eyeliner are really long lasting too. Lots of Asian gals who are into Asian cosmetic companies would not want to disagree with me on about the love for Kiss Me.

To be honest. I think speaking about brands I love doesn’t mean anything. Each company have it’s own signature product. I love Stila because their waterproof liquid eyeliner is outstanding and it’s eyeshadow palette have been working very well on me too. But other products like foundation, lip products are not as appealing to me. MAC is also one of my favourite for lipstick because of it’s various colour collection and it’s lipstick never bleed on me and is very pigmented. However, I never loved their face product. The formula just didn’t work on me. You see what I mean here? There shouldn’t be a certain brand gals get stuck with.


Simple makeup can make yourself look confident and presentable.

Simple makeup can make yourself look confident and presentable.

Makeup is a way to bring out my confidence. It’s funny because I really believed in the Japanese culture when I was a teen and I was influenced by the way how the Japanese sees the usage of makeup. Apparently in their culture, girls at a certain age who don’t wear makeup when they go to work or meet up with somebody is considered impolite. Makeup is a way of showing respect to the person you’re meeting up with because makeup is suppose to be part of your appearance. And that only well dressed people with makeup could show you’re respecting others because you put time and effort to dress up and make yourself look presentable. Obviously I didn’t take this culture too seriously. But in a certain way, I do think this is true. I feel like putting makeup on shows that you care and respect the occasion or people you’re meeting up with. I remember my mom always tell me the reason she is willing to spend so many money to get her nails trimmed or painted is because when she meet new clients at work, the first thing they will notice is your hands when you do that nice to meet you hand shake. Now now, I’m not saying gals who don’t put on makeup are people who are not presentable. I’m just saying, makeup changes the way you act and the way people act towards you because of the effort and time you’re willing to give in for your looks. It’s like when you go out for a date you would spend that extra time and effort to pick a cute outfit and do your hair. When I put on a nice red or dark lipstick on, I feel more chic and edgy. I’m not going to lie I do feel more secure and confident with makeup on.


When I was still in school. A picture taken with only eyeliner and mascara on.

To be honest, four products is pretty much all I need on an everyday basis. When I was still in school, all I put on was just a light eyeshadow colour, eyeliner, mascara, and concealer to cover up red spots. Looking from this point onward, I would probably change my mind on the only four products I would wear on my face. I can never live a day without eyeliner. In my own opinion, having a eyeliner changes my whole look. It obviously won’t give me the glam but it would make me look more energetic and bright. Without eyeline, I generally look tired and upset. The second product I could not go without is concealer. I think a good concealer could save your ass. It covers my red spots helping me create a semi-flawless face. And honestly, that’s all I really need to live a day without all the other products on my face. But if I must add the extra two choices, I would choose my bb cream and mascara. Like I mentioned, I think makeup is a way to bring confidence in my life. I want to make sure makeup is to help embrace my features and make me look nice but not to draw a whole new face on top of my face. I think eyeliner, concealer, bb cream, and mascara are four products that are good enough to cover my weakness and embrace my features. Simply, these are the products that could help create a clean simple look.


03eef70b4b6a8611ce14732e6580f4f4My favourite thing about makeup is something that I would never thought about when I first started makeup – colours. The more I get into makeup the more I love to play around with colours. I never thought I would put orange on my cheeks but I’ve been obsess with the coral look the past summer and I couldn’t stop loving it. I never thought I would use any other eyeshadow colours other than the simple brown but then I was exposed to glitter gold, blue, orange, and more different colours that looks fabulous (if you know how to use it right). The best part is when the lipsticks come in. I started an addiction with lipstick the moment I start to realize how lipstick actually looks so good on me. I always thought when I put lipstick on my lips would look like sausages. I was wrong! I’m so in love with all the colours I could put on my lips. The other day I went into Sephora, I saw a dark blue lipstick and I tried it on. Obviously on a normal day I won’t be able to wear it to work but the blue lipstick looks gorgeous on me. I would had bought it if only I had crazy occasions to go to with that blue lips. So yes. The fun part is always about playing with colours. And honest words, the more you play around colour on your face the more you will understand your face. Something like what kind of skin tone you have and what kind of products looks good on you and what doesn’t.


I don’t come from a rich family and I don’t have a job that allows me to buy expensive makeup. However, I do believe that every girl’s skin is something that is very very precious and need to be taken care of carefully starting from a young age. And that is why I am really thankful my mom never encouraged me to use makeup at a young age. I do have sensitive skin so I never put on drugstore makeup especially anything for the face. The only drugstore makeup I purchased and used was Covergirl and Maybelline’s eyeliner and mascara, and Revlon lipsticks. I used these products for a period of time because those were the ones I could afford when I first started makeup. They weren’t bad products but they weren’t the best either. Ever since I’ve been purchasing branded cosmetics at Sephora, I never touched or purchased any drugstore cosmetics ever. I do think drugstore cosmetics are great for starters but for quality, you can never beat high end brands. It is worth paying extra dollars on certain products.


28275_400399877881_53754642881_4539771_4458712_nLess is more. Makeup is a way to embrace your features, not to change your features. ¥ou want to make sure you could stand out with makeup but also to make sure that the person standing out is actually you. There’s no point creating a face that doesn’t represent yourself.

makeupAlso, make sure you balance the products you’re putting on your face. If you know you’re using a lot of colours on your eyes, the try not to use a lot of colours on your cheeks. It’s all about creating a natural look. Not a stage look. You only need exaggerated colours on every part of your face if you’re performing at a theatre cause the audiences could see you better from a far distance. Don’t go heavy on the bronzer, highlighter, and blush. Putting on too much will just make yourself look like a horrifying doll from one of those scary movies. Remember, you don’t need all the product on your face. The only people who needs a lot of product on their face are theatre actors. They need to exaggerate their makeup so that people sitting further away from the stage could still see their face features. Your everyday life shouldn’t be like a stage actor. You should be you. Not someone you’re not.



Ganguro makeup trend in Japan.

Ganguro. Probably the biggest trend I didn’t understood but is apparently a hit during the mid 90s. It was something that was pretty popular during my teen years (obviously in Japan). And as I mentioned, I was into the Japanese culture during my teen years so I was exposed to this makeup trend from Japan. Still don’t understand it at all. So the trend is about creating a very tan look and putting on makeup that shows big contrasts. This makeup trend is also tied with a fashion trend that I also don’t understand. Apparently this trend is to represent the rebellious youths who wants to contradict the traditional Japanese concept of beauty (which is pale flawless skin and natural makeup styles). Simply said, they just want to stand out and get attention. I never understood why people would want to tan themselves. I know a gal who went travelling around the world exposing herself to the sun without sunscreen. I’m not even kidding…  She is Chinese but she looks like an African American right now. Don’t understand why. I guess that is not part of “makeup” but these Ganguro is actually putting on foundation that is 10 times darker than their skin colour. Sorry I just don’t understand.


One of my favourite YouTube beauty guru Beautifymeeh.

One of my favourite YouTube beauty guru Beautifymeeh.

I love it. Very often I try my best to create my own looks but it is always inspiring to watch other gals out there create fabulous looks and sharing it online. I am good with my own looks and I see myself as a beauty guru cause I absolutely couldn’t live a day without makeup. However, I still consider myself as an admature. To be honest. There’s still a lot I don’t know about makeup. I learn a lot of skills and tricks from beauty gurus online. But there’s still a lot of products I haven’t explored or play around with. I felt like I know the basic and that’s it. I don’t even use primers, highlighters, bronzers, lipliners, brow gels, and more. There’s a lot of products that I still need to learn how to use them. That’s okay. I think I am good with what I’m doing right now and most importantly it is enough to make me look beautiful the way I think I am. And that is why I love the beauty community on YouTube because they share products I never explored and they give me confidence to try and explore. Especially when I’m effy about certain brands’ quality or outcome, I love to research about it and try it to see how it ends up on my face. The only beauty community I don’t like are those gals out there who are commercialized. I love watching those who are speaking to you and actually sharing information with you. The ones I hate watch are those who act like they are professionals and start “educating” you about this and that. It’s just so fake to watch. I can’t feel the personal connection and common, you’re just trying to advertise your products.

THANK YOU for hanging around for this long long post! It was really fun recalling the old days (even it wasn’t really that long ago :P) Thanks again Carmen for tagging me! Carmen writes about beauty products and food on her blog! Go check her out 🙂 As much as I would love to pass the tag on, it’s a bit shameful to say I don’t have a big beauty blogger base friends. People I know who blogs are in other interests… Like food… Or just solidly on fashion… Anyways. For you gals passing by or constantly reading my posts. Please feel free to write up your makeup story and tag me back! I’m not gonna write another one but I would love to read yours! Happy blogging!

– nat


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