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my rain gears

Every vancouverite knows it is important to have their full rain gear standing by in their closet if they don’t want to get wet and catch a cold. It has been almost 3 years since I moved back to Vancouver from Hong Kong and honestly, I don’t have my full rain gear for the past 3 years. I’ve not been soaking wet but I have to be honest I had to throw away quite a few pairs of shoes and ruined a few coats cause they are not waterproof. Thank god I actually have umbrellas.

A few weeks ago I went on a date with my girlfriend. We were having a great chatty chatty lunch date and was hoping to get some icecream afterwards. And yes it started to rain… My shoes were soaking wet while we walk down the street. Rain water was actually getting into my shoes. My socks were soaked… I was finally convinced to get a pair of rainboots. We walked down the street and reached Gravity Pope. I was hoping I could get a pair of Tretorn cause their price is pretty reasonable and their boots are pretty light. I have no desire getting Hunters cause they are so expensive and so heavy! I don’t understand why people like to drag their feet in heavy gears. Unfortunately, Gravity Pope only had Tretorn for men. Apparently Tretorn for women are all sold out. I was desperate to get a pair of boots so I struggled around the store hoping I could get something.

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 1.22.46 AMMELISSA’S ANKLE RAINBOOTS

I’m so happy. I found Melissa’s ankle rainboots. It was $135, totally above my budget. I didn’t regret it tho… Cause I think the Melissa is one of a kind that not those ordinary Hunters that every girl is wearing on a rainy day. The black boots had that artist touch of “paint pattern.” As if someone accidently spilled paint and paint got splashed on the boots. Super cute. The only feature I was hesitant on was it’s super wide ankle calf. It was kind of weird. Eventually it worked out. Especially when I roll up my pants, it gives it a very hipster look. The boots were very light weight as well. I had no trouble putting them in my dust bag and carrying them to work.

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 1.10.27 AMJ.CREW’S STERLING JACKET

Everyone is loving the J.Crew Field Jacket. It is water resistance and it comes in 3 different colours. The only problem was it is not long enough and it doesn’t come with a hood. The perfect version of the Field Jacket has now arrived. The $230 Sterling Jacket is the longer version of the Field Jackets with the hood! The jacket is however a bit long on the sleeves on me so I had to bring it out and alter it. I seen numerous customers trying the jacket on and most of them are too long on the sleeves as well. Well, it’s not like it’s a big deal. To be honest, you can’t have a perfect fit that matches everyone right? The only thing that I wish it had was side pockets. They do have pockets right up front but not side pockets. I like to put my hands in the pockets so it’s a little weird with only front pockets for me. Otherwise, this is the absolute perfect rain jacket! In terms of weight, it is a very light jacket. It’s not going to hard to fold it and put it in your average medium size purses/bags when it is not raining out. But with that being said, it is not a warm coat. If you’re looking to get it for the winter, you have to prepare to wear thicker sweaters inside to keep yourself warm. Average Vancouver weather would not be a problem if you have the right amount of layering inside. It would be a little underdressed for the snow tho…

ba152725415135c6b35a415d6ba15794J.CREW’S POCKET UMBRELLA

I’m not going to lie that this is probably the only decent pocket umbrella I own. Once in a while, our stores receive pocket umbrellas and they usually go really quick. I got the black and white stripe one. Their retail price is $30.50 but when I got it it was on sale for $20.99 plus associate discounts. Customers who got it at the same time I did got a really good deal too cause it was an extra 40%OFF on top of the $20.99 at that time. There’s a button on the handle that writes “rain or shine.” And you open up the umbrella by pressing on it. It will bounce open. Closing it was a bit of a hassle cause it is pretty stiff and I always had to push it close to my body so I get a bit more strength to push it back in. Coverage is just right for one person. The only disappointment was it broke within less than a week I used it. On of the support structure broke… But the umbrella is still functionable.

On a daily basis, I always carry pocket umbrella in my bag… It’s Vancouver, you can never predict what weather you get in the next hour. But on days I know for sure it is going to be pouring rain all day, I like to carry a stand up umbrella. I use to carry the one I got from Singapore Airlines cause it is so big and huge that it gives me so much coverage. But that limited edition umbrella got lost somewhere… Sad. Then I have these cute umbrellas from Japan that had lace on them. They are still functionable and super durable considering I got them at least 10 years ago. But I grew out of them… They are too cute for me now. So my new favourite stand up umbrella is the J.Crew for BugLife Bumble Bee Umbrella. Want to know more about it? Read my previous post about this collaboration here.

It’s sad to send the sun away but rain is something we should all be thankful for. Rain washes my sorrows away and give me some peace and calm time to relax. That feeling when you come home from the rain and take a nice hot shower, or that feeling you wake up from raindrop sounds ticking on your window glass, and breathing that wet fresh green air in the morning is a kind of blessing. I love to listen to the sound of rain. Highly recommend Rainy Mood. I love to play some nice R&B or 80s/90s love songs on while Rainy Mood is on. It’s the best especially when you have a nice cup of hot chocolate or coffee in your hands. Works everytime I get stuck in writing or doing homework!

If you can’t change the weather, mind as well learn how to love it. Stay dry and enjoy the rainy season!

– nat


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    Posted by Honey&Betts | November 5, 2014, 6:11 pm
  2. Love your picks! Especially the rain boots ❤


    Posted by Arielle | November 26, 2014, 5:14 pm

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