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Soho Tea Room

I still recall the grand opening of Soho Tea Room like it was not long ago. One thing that I’m very impress with is their marketing and promotions but lets not drag into that. I’m usually very excited whenever there’s a new bubble tea place starting up in the area. I mean, who doesn’t love bubble tea? Especially when I’m such a sucker for it. The second thing that caught my attention was their honey toast boxes. I’m very sad I can’t blog about my favourite bubble tea and toast box place cause they are no longer in business, and that is why I’m very excited to try other places so I can replace my favourite spot.

2014-03-09 22.06.35

Sav and I are really unhealthy eaters. We either eat too much meat and deep fried, not enough fruits and veggies, or we usually eat around unstable times or very late at night. And this visit to Soho Tea Room was one of the late night visits.

First comes disappointment, my favourite earl grey flavour bubble tea is out! Well, they said they don’t have earl grey on that day… Made me really sad. So I ordered the pudding milk tea with no added toppings. Some bubble tea places make real pudding bubble tea where pudding is blend into the milk tea or blend a drink with pudding powder, where some other bubble tea places would give you regular bubble tea and add pudding into it. Up till today, I still can’t tell which one I prefer. Soho’s pudding bubble tea comes in regular bubble tea with added pudding. Sav ordered the red bean bubble tea with tapioca. Again, it comes in regular bubble tea with added red bean paste. They taste decent. On the edge of “too sweet” but acceptable for me. At least the bubble tea didn’t had the artificial flavours which some cheap bubble tea places would have.

2014-03-09 22.05.13

For people who love excitement, Soho Tea Room provides D.I.Y. SPIKED bubble tea!! YES!! ( I mean… wow! LOL)

2014-03-09 22.07.13

Since we came in pretty late, we didn’t want to order anything too big in portion. The best thing for a restaurant that opens till late night is that they understand what we needed – mini meals. There’s a big list of mini meals to choose from, best for my wallet and best for my tummy.

I ordered the Hainanese chicken set that comes with chicken rice. The chicken rice (aka rice cooked with chicken oil) didn’t have a lot of flavour. The Hainanese chicken was doing fine. The chicken is tender, I just wished it came with more dark meat.

2014-03-09 22.13.52

2014-03-09 22.14.00

2014-03-09 22.14.16

Sav ordered the seafood bake rice. It was actually pretty decent. The rice inside is fried rice which is the traditional Hong Kong style of bake rice. Cream sauce’s flavour is just right, and surprisingly the bake rice comes with a lot of nice toppings. I would had thought that since it is a mini meal, the toppings would be relevantly less due to its cheaper menu price. The mother and daughter who was sitting next to us came just for dessert but they spotted our bake rice and decided to order one after they were done with their dessert!

2014-03-09 22.12.57

2014-03-09 22.16.02

And he caught eyes on his favourite lobster bisque. One of his favourite is too add that fluffy pastry layer on top of his soup, the Hong Kong style. The soup was okay. Nothing fancy, probably won’t order it anymore just because it is not worth it. There’s not much lobster meat in it. Probably just that one or two pieces.

2014-03-09 22.19.15

2014-03-09 22.21.35

2014-03-09 22.21.49

It was disappointing that we didn’t have space for honey toast boxes. Especially when Sav is not a fan of sugar, I would not be able to finish it so we didn’t order. Maybe next time! Overall, this is a pretty nice place to chill with friends especially when they open till late night! 🙂

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