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I admit I’m not a fashionable person. Most of the time I don’t wear makeup and I don’t dress trendy when I’m going out. Probably will not even put effort on my looks once or twice a month unless there’s a special occasion. Even so, I’m still a female and like all other females, I love fashion and I follow most trends.


EMODA is a brand that caught my eyes for a long time. This is a Japanese brand started by a Japanese model. Their clothes are pretty trendy and in-style. I can’t comment too much about the quality cause I never purchase or even had my hands on their products. But EMODA’s branding is very decent and their styles match my interest most of the time.

2014-04-10 19.53.02

I’m very excited and I thought I should review this because EMODA just launched a mobile application “CAMEREON.” This is a camera/photography application that allows you to adjust photo brightness, contrast, add filters, frames, and text. Another feature that would be a bonus to EMODA fans like me is their catalog and magazine feature which features their latest catalog content and updates. The application is only available for apple users at the moment but hey it’s free! Android users, let’s just be patient 🙂

2014-04-11 02.10.27 2014-04-11 02.10.02 o0640113612903391342

The app comes in three different themes and it is on automatic rotation. The menu opens up on the side. It is actually pretty cool and fancy.

2014-04-11 02.10.28

2014-04-11 02.10.002014-04-11 01.57.23Camereon allows you to load pictures from your phone’s album or take pictures with the application. Both functions ONLY support square frames, just like Instagram.

2014-04-11 02.08.222014-04-11 01.58.50Once you load your picture, you get to play around with three functions – COLOR, FILTER, ADD-ON.

Under COLOR, there’s four sub-functions to improve the looks of your photo. And they include tone curve, contrast, exposure, and denoise. We will go through them one by one.

2014-04-11 01.58.57 2014-04-11 01.59.30 2014-04-11 01.59.37There’s 8 tone curve for you to choose from. Once you pick the one you like, it gives you an option to play around with the actual tone curve around the one you choose.

2014-04-11 01.59.02 2014-04-11 01.59.57 2014-04-11 02.00.09The next one is exposure. Again, there’s 8 exposure for you to choose from. Once you selected the one you like, it gives you an option to adjust the exposure manually.

2014-04-11 01.59.06 2014-04-11 02.00.48 2014-04-11 02.00.53The same for the contrast and the denoise function.

Moving on to the FILTER function, there’s actually not a lot for you to choose from. However, the ones it has for you to use is very decent and I would say it touches on the most common filter options we usually see and use. Like the previous functions, there are 8 filters in total.

2014-04-11 02.02.53

The last ADD-ON function contains 2 sub-functions including the frame and the font (text) function.

2014-04-11 02.03.19 2014-04-11 02.03.29 2014-04-11 02.03.38

There are 20 frames in total. This is probably the only one function I would not use and find it very impractical. The downside of this function is you could not adjust the position of your photo and that it would stuck in that same position, in that square shape you commit to in the very beginning. Meaning parts of your picture would be cut off depending on which frame you plan to use. However, you get to adjust the opacity of the frame… So I guess it works in another way? You also get to pick different colours for your frame.

2014-04-11 02.03.49

For the text, you don’t get a lot of options. 6 very feminine fonts. Again, you get to choose colours and adjust the opacity of the text like what you are able to do to your frame.

2014-04-11 02.07.25

Once you’re done. You can save the picture to your phone’s album and also share it through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Camereon connects your account automatically as it detects your SM accounts on our phone.

2014-04-11 02.08.46 2014-04-11 02.08.38 2014-04-11 02.08.33

More fun on this application comes from the TIMELINE and the CATALOG.

The TIMELINE provides EMODA’s update and news. It comes in a form of news feed just like Facebook’s feed home page and Twitter’s feed home page. On the right bottom corner, you can switch the content into grid form for better overseeing. And on the left top corner, the “sort” button allows you to select the news and updates you want to view so that it narrows down the content.

2014-04-11 02.08.52 2014-04-11 02.08.56 2014-04-11 02.09.00

The CATALOG is the actual catalog of EMODA. You get to view the full issue of their seasonal catalogs. On the right bottom corner where the “back no.” button is at, you get to access the older catalog issues by EMODA. On the left top button, it shows you the pages of the catalog in grids so you can oversee the content easily.

I’m really enjoying this app! I think the manual options gives a better personal touch and it avoids you having trouble to find the best filter. Cause most of time, the biggest problem is the brightness, exposure and contrast of the picture that makes the biggest difference. And after all, this app is such a handy for EMODA fans like me 🙂



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