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I’ve been to a lot of Korean restaurants and I tried so many different types of Korean cuisine. This is probably the first time I tried something like this. Jejudo is the largest island in Korean. They are famous for their Gamgyul, a type of orange similar to tangerine, and black pig, pigs with black fur and a chewy meat texture. Food is probably the second reason why tourists love to visit the island. The scenery is amazing in Jejudo! Jejudo is actually listed as a natural world historical site. The island itself is also listed as a special province of Korea, one of the nine.

In Burnaby, Jejudo is a Korean-Japanese restaurant. The owner and chefs are Korean but they claim their restaurant as a Japanese restaurant.

2014-03-08 20.28.29

For starters, we ordered salmon sashimi and tako-wasabi. And we also got two side dishes.

2014-03-08 20.21.38

Salmon sashimi was $12 for 10 pieces. The slices were thin and considering the price, it is quite expensive.

2014-03-08 20.14.22

Tako-wasabi is basically octopus sashimi stirred with wasabi sauce.

2014-03-08 20.16.19

2014-03-08 20.16.24

For main course, I ordered Mulhoi ($18 for medium, $28 for large). Mulhoi is hirame sashimi with Korean spicy cold soup. This is the first time I had something like this in Korean cuisine. I ordered a medium and it comes with rice.

2014-03-08 20.22.53

In the cold Korean spicy soup, they added a lot of turnip and cucumber which gives a crunchy and sweet texture. The second layer is the hirame sashimi, and it is topped off with roe, green onions, seaweed, and sesame.

2014-03-08 20.23.37

I’m no expert in this kind of food but I tried to pretend eating it like a Korean. The soup was not as spicy I thought it would. I’m actually really sensitive to heat, and usually I can’t eat anything spicy at all. But this level of spiciness was okay. There’s a little sweet in it. People around me in the restaurant pour all their rice in the soup but I didn’t. Just because I’m scare I can’t handle the heat. To eat like a Korean, I made sure every bite had turnip, cucumber, hirame, spicy soup, and garlic in it. I think the garlic is key. It makes your mouth smell but it makes your bite exciting! Blast the flavours in your mouth.

2014-03-08 20.23.16

Sav ordered the unagi donburi. Unagi is eel fish and donburi means rice bowl in Japanese ($15). It comes in a very cute “bucket.”

2014-03-08 20.25.22

Nothing special about the rice bowl. The unagi was cooked perfectly and there’s decent amount of pieces in the bowl. The only thing that is less appealing is the green salad on top of the warm rice bowl. It made the salad disgusting.

2014-03-08 20.25.33

The favourite part of the donburi is the potato croquette! That was a surprising bonus came with the donburi. It was nice and crispy. Definitely gave great texture to the dish.

2014-03-08 20.25.56

I wouldn’t come back if I just want sushi rolls, and other Japanese cuisine cause it is quite expensive compared to the sushi places I visit often. But if I’m craving for Korean spicy soup with sashimi. It was actually pretty nice. Since the summer heat is coming soon, I’ll probably crave for it more.
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