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Ajuker Fried Chicken

Fried chicken is very popular in the Korean dining culture. If you’ve been to Korea, you’ll find fried chicken restaurants everywhere you go. People ask for the difference between Korean fried chicken and regular North American fried chicken. The biggest difference is the crust. North American normally use all-purpose-flour for the crust but Korean fried chicken normally use potato flour for the crust. Potato flour gives it a more crunchy and strong finger-licking flavour that we would get from french fries.

Ajuker is a promising fried chicken restaurant. Hands on the best you could find in Greater Vancouver area.

2014-02-12 17.31.08

Fried chicken comes with a dish of diced pickled turnips and salt. Pickled turnips are to balance the strong flavour of the fried chicken. I consider it the best part of enjoying fried chicken. The pickled turnips are served cold. The best ice and fire feeling in your mouth all at once! Salt is to enhance the regular chicken’s taste (the fried chicken with no sauce). It is only meant for people who have a very strong and heavy taste bud because Ajuker’s chicken is very well seasoned. In normal situation you don’t really need to use the salt.

2014-02-12 17.26.21

I ordered two types of fried chicken. One regular (no sauce) and one sweet and spicy sauce fried chicken. If you don’t have a big appetite but want to try both, you can order half and half for a full portion. Another option is to order a full portion of regular fried chicken and ask for some sauce. One of our friend did that before and they are very generous to do that for us.

2014-02-12 17.26.40

2014-02-12 17.26.46

Sweet and spicy fried chicken is basically regular chicken tossed in the sauce. The sauce is not spicy at all which I’m very happy of because I don’t eat spicy food.

2014-02-12 17.28.18

2014-02-12 17.28.25

Ajuker chicken is juicy and tender. Their crust is the no.1 reason for its name of best Korean fried chicken in Greater Vancouver area. Every customer will have a free fish cake soup with their order. In Korea, they call free food as “service.”

2014-02-12 17.30.05

Like I said, best fried chicken! I could never go back to KFC or Church’s Chicken after Ajuker.

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2 thoughts on “Ajuker Fried Chicken

  1. This place is the dirtiest restaurant I’ve ever even been in, if not the dirtiest. I hate the service, service was awful the 3x I’ve been there. THe worst part about this place is the food. Every time I went I always felt sick right after. I’ve only been there 3 times but the last time I went I had stomach flu for a month and a half. I was shitting 5-6 times a day. It was horrible. If they want their business to be better, I say change the location, find a better place, or simply renovate the place would be good. Clean everything up.


    Posted by Trey | April 17, 2015, 2:01 pm
    • Interesting Trey! I’ve been there at least 5-6 times the past year and never once felt sick afterwards. I never comment too much about the service as back in Asia, service doesn’t say anything about the food. Some of the best places to eat is place without the best customer service. And the best customer service usually is not the best place to eat. More likely it cost you a fortune if you’re just looking for good customer service. I agree it is not the best environment or location for their business but the owners and the customers visiting is majority Koreans. They are just people trying to bring their Korean culture to Vancouver and service a similar business they would find back home. I’m not on anyone’s side but I do think every person’s stomach is design for different food and taste.


      Posted by natlamlam | April 18, 2015, 7:17 pm

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