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Starlight Kirin Wedding Banquet

A friend of mine got married and we were invited to their banquet. I was really excited since this is the first wedding banquet I ever attended as a friend. I guess I’m old enough to start receiving wedding invites from my friends now. Its really fascinating 🙂

I never wanted to limit myself on restaurant reviews. This is a great opportunity to start a new column for my blog. I hope to share happiness in my life (other than food) through a separate column named “The Diary.” I do want to write about the experience and less critical reviews. I hope this would still entertain you all in some way.

The wedding banquet happened at Starlight Kirin Restaurant in New Westminster. Its not a really big venue but the newly weds are having a Chinese ceremony so the size is perfect (cause there’s no needs for a spacious dance floor or fancy decors).

2014-02-01 18.43.09

There was a photobooth during reception hours and it was a lot of fun. Not a lot of props but you can take as many as you can. It was really cute.

2014-02-02 08.36.19

I love the thank you gifts. They were chopsticks. Chopsticks are very popular for wedding giveaways among Chinese because chopsticks always come in pairs. Meaning the two will never separate. I love it cause they were Korean metal chopsticks. I’m really fond of Korean culture and I love to pretend eating like a Korean sometimes. HAHA

2014-02-01 18.45.26

So the banquet was a 12-course. Starting with the appetizer platter with roasting suckling pig. The platter includes vegetarian wrap, beef brisket, jellyfish, and smoked salmon.

2014-02-01 19.53.47

Following sauteed arctic surf clam, scallop and chicken with sweet peas and carrots. Then we had deep fried crab claw wrapped with minced prawn. Up to the third course, our table was so frustrated cause our server keep insisting to serve and divide portions for us before serving. The problem is she was not dividing up the food properly. And we figured that a big plate of food became small portions on our plates. Which did not make sense. She really want to serve as fast as she could which made us felt so rush and uncomfortable. So we asked if she could just stop serving us and put that plate on the table so we can serve ourselves.

2014-02-01 20.16.50

Next up was the shark fin soup with crab meat. A lot of Chinese restaurants banned or abandon using shark fin due to animal protection and environmental protection issues. I was surprise that it was on the menu.

2014-02-01 20.28.01

Live lobster in consomme came next. To be honest, the lobster did not tasted “lively” fresh.

2014-02-01 21.02.58

Sliced wild catch “California Mexico” brand abalone braised with Chinese mushrooms in oyster sauce.

2014-02-01 21.23.18

Then came my all time favourite! Roasted squab.

2014-02-01 21.36.50

Steamed live fish.

2014-02-01 21.53.46

Finishing off the entrees is fried rice wrapped in lotus leaf and stewed e-fu noodle with Chinese mushrooms and straw mushrooms.

2014-02-01 22.05.25

2014-02-01 22.05.36-2

For dessert, we had mango pudding and deep fried sesame balls.

2014-02-01 22.23.41

2014-02-01 22.23.37

Following the traditional red bean soup with black sesame rice balls.

2014-02-01 22.20.45

And it wrapped up with our newly weds’ wedding cake!

2014-02-01 22.26.07

It was a fun day and I’m really happy for the newly weds. Seeing friends start a new page in their life makes me happy. Best of luck to the wonderful couple and I give all my blessings to them.


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