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Hong Kong

May’s Sawaddee Thailand

Dine Out Vancouver is officially over! I still have a lot of foodie adventures from Hong Kong to share. There’s a neighbourhood in Hong Kong that family and I love to visit very often – Sai Kung. Sai Kung is a bit further away from the city but they are famous for their seafood and different neighbourhood gems. It is a really relaxing area and a great place to have a walk near the seawall.

2013-12-30 17.02.43

May’s Sawaddee Thailand is a small Thai restaurant that our family visit once in a while. The owners are half Chinese and half Thai and they serve legit Thai food.

2013-12-30 19.35.57

One of our favourite dishes is the fried thai baby cabbage. Thai baby cabbage is different from normal cabbage we consume in our local supermarkets. They are crunchier and has a greener taste. Because they are baby cabbage, not fully grown cabbages… They are more tender in texture compared to fully grown cabbages.

2013-12-30 18.30.01

Mixed appetizers includes spring roll, fish cake, crab cake, and satay. These appetizers are really flavourful. Very rich in all kinds of herbs. The only downside of this dish is the spring roll. It was a bit burnt.

2013-12-30 18.36.05

Yummmm… How can we forget about Pad Thai? Some people also call Pad Thai fried rice noodles in Thai style. I do think the flavour is not rich enough, it is definitely on the lighter side of my palette.

2013-12-30 18.34.26

Pineapple fried rice served in a pineapple! Again, it was on the lighter side of my taste palette. It is a really nice fried rice, I just wish the taste is a bit heavier.

2013-12-30 18.38.23

Favourite part of having Thai food is the beverages! Coconut and Thai icetea is the best! If you never had Thai icetea before, you’re missing out! Thai icetea is a rich milk tea mixed with condense milk. Lots of sugar! But it is really good! The milk tea has a richer tea flavour than normal milk tea. But don’t drink too much unless you want to be on sugar high! 😛

2013-12-30 18.41.57

2013-12-30 18.44.15

Overall, May’s Sawadee Thailand is a very authentic Thai restaurant. In Hong Kong, we say their food has “wok hay.” Usually, this describe food cooked with “wok” (a Chinese pan) is perfectly cooked with a high temperature, and in a certain degree that there’s extra flavour of that heat in the food so that food is not blend or flat. However, May’s Sawadee Thailand did not match up with my taste palette. Their food is too light for me. I’m expecting more spices and flavour cusinie from such a tropical country. Oh and don’t expect service. They are really casual with their business so its about food, not the experience.


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