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DINE OUT VANCOUVER 2014: Catch 122 Cafe and Bistro

Dine Out Vancouver 2014 round two at Catch 122 Cafe and Bistro! Catch 122 near the neighbourhood of Gastown. (Right across SFU Woodwards Campus) This lovely restaurant is participating in the $28 three course menu for dinner this year. I was really please the moment I step into the restaurant cause the waiter and waitresses were really friendly and polite. The restaurant has a nice bar and is very spacious. Good enough for big parties up to 10-12 people. Very lovely place for dates and hangouts. Before I start my review, I must apologize first. You will find me very repetitive in this review because the food was so awesome that I couldn’t find enough words to describe it. 😛

Catch 122 did not apply any extra cost to their menu options. But they do provide a extra $23 option for all wine parings with their dish. On their average, a glass of wine is $7 – $9. So it depends on what kind of wine they are suggesting for each dish… It could be a better deal.

2014-01-25 19.50.21

The 3 appetizer choices:

  • Smoked beef brisket, mustard pearl, gaufrette potato, Paris mash
  • Cold smoked salmon, fingerling potato, leek radish, sorrel dill sauce
  • Wild boar terrine, house made brioche, pickled chanterelle, endive, apple chutney

My boyfriend, Sav, had the smoked beef brisket. It was amazing. Sav was smiling before he could had a taste of it because of the fatty content on the meat. Both of us were really impress how tender the meat was. It is so tender that it feels like the meat melts in your mouth. It has a good smokey taste and the flavour is awesome. The mash is smooth and creamy.

2014-01-25 18.38.06

2014-01-25 18.38.23

I had the smoked salmon. The salmon had such a great smokey taste, so good that I could just eat the whole thing without any of that sorrel dill sauce or potato. The menu said it is cold smoked salmon but it actually came as a warm bite. The salmon was cooked perfectly. It was seared salmon, lovely texture. The fingerling potatoes were awesome. Perfect bite size to go with the salmon, perfectly seasoned, and perfectly cooked. I couldn’t figure out what is in the sauce, it had a light taste and it was really blended. Nothing “wow-ed” me. The radish had a strong citrus taste that was really overpowering. The sauce then came in handy 😛 It balances the radish out.
2014-01-25 18.37.32
2014-01-25 18.37.42
2014-01-25 18.42.27
 The 3 entree choices:
  • Red wine braised beef cheek, farro risotto, carrot, parsnip, beet
  • Arctic char, smoked Denman Island mussels, English peas, roasted shallot, celeriac
  • ‘Cassoulet’ – crispy skin pork belly, duck breast sausage, navy beans, confit tomato

Braised beef cheek was my choice for the entree. It was a love-hate choice for me cause I hate anything made from grains. Which the farro risotto was nothing I was excited about… However, despite of my personal taste preferences… I’m actually thankful the farro risotto was on the plate cause its the farro that made the dish a complete meal. It was stuffy. The farro was actually cooked perfectly. It was not hard not mushy and still had a chewy texture in its every bite. The braised beef cheek… I have no words for it.. It was so tender that it literally melts in your mouth! I’m not exaggerating.. It does melt in your mouth. And thats because it had a perfect amount of fat content in the meat. I wish the red wine flavour in the meat could be a bit stronger tho.. I didn’t had a good taste of any wine flavour. But the meat itself was well seasoned and had a nice taste. The beet goes really well with the risotto. I couldn’t had enough of the beef cheek.. There was only four pieces! I wish there was more on my plate! 😥 I ordered the suggested wine paring with the beef cheek. It was Pinot Noir – Cono Sur ‘Organic’ (Chile)
5 oz  for $7.5. I actually love the wine, it was really smooth and fruity.

2014-01-25 18.50.19

2014-01-25 18.50.32

2014-01-25 18.51.51

Sav got the pork belly and duck breast sausage. I could tell that he is so satisfy with his pork belly cause I could barely find meat in it… It was a big piece of pork belly 5% crispy skin on top, 85% fat under the skin, and 10% meat under the fat. It was the perfect guilty bite. The belly was cooked perfectly. It is so tender that the fat melts in your mouth. The meat gave the fat a great balance and the crisp on top gave it a great texture. Every bite of that belly is paradise. Now, usually when there’s so much fat it will taste disgusting. But no, it did not taste disgusting at all. The duck breast sausage was really good too. The sausage had a nice amount of fat content in it which made gives a good texture to it. It was juicy and perfectly seasoned with great amount of herbs. Yum yum yum!

2014-01-25 18.50.48

2014-01-25 18.51.24

2014-01-25 18.51.06

 The 3 dessert choices:
  • Cultured cream lavender panna cotta, aerated candy sponge, biscotti
  • Chewy caramel, hazelnut whiskey ice cream, chocolate brownie
  • ‘Carrot Cake’ – carrot puree, brown sugar cake, cream cheese mousse

I wish we get to have all the desserts cause I was peeking over other’s table and all the desserts look so good!! So Sav got the hazelnut whiskey ice cream with chocolate brownie. It was so good! The only thing I didn’t like was the softness of the ice cream. Its not firm enough… Melted super fast. But the ice cream is super flavourful! I didn’t had a strong taste of the whiskey but they had hazelnut chunks in it which gave such great texture. 😛 The chewy caramel is so cute! They were not overly sweet but super chewy and sticky. If you had a big bite of ice cream with the chewy caramel, you’ll find yourself in heaven! The brownie is a bit firm to me but I love it cause it was not overly sweet as well. Oh I wish I had the whole plate to myself!

2014-01-25 19.28.13

2014-01-25 19.28.25

I got the carrot cake. The carrot puree was served warm with the carrot cake which gave it a very comforting feeling. The carrot cake is really soft and fluffy. The best part was the cream cheese mousse. The texture of the moussed tasted more like a cream to me. It is smooth and creamy, light and fluffy. Goes super well with the carrot cake and the carrot puree. And adding the sugar coated walnuts to every bite of that carrot cake, carrot puree, and cream cheese mousse… It is the perfect bite of everything with super great texture, sweetness, and COMFORT!

2014-01-25 19.28.39

2014-01-25 19.28.50

I’m in love with this little bistro right now and I can’t wait to come back in the future even if Dine Out Vancouver Festival is over. They have reasonable pricing and I’m looking forward to try their brunch menu! One last thing I’m really loving it is the plating. Every dish is so lovely when served. This is such a great date night place and a lazy chill brunch date place to go!

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