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Singapore Airlines First Class Flight Menu (HKG to SFO)

My holiday ended with a horrible illness from a flu that turned into virus. I was so disappointed that I had to leave home like this. Sorry for all delays on this blog. I’ll try to share all my foodie adventures in Hong Kong with you all. But for now, I like to share my foodie trip on the plane with you all. I’m lucky enough to fly home with Singapore Airlines first class seating. Once again, I’m very satisfied with the food they serve.

Supper was served not long after departure. If you folks read my previous post about Singapore Airlines’ business class menu, you will find a bigger difference of choice and courses for supper. Business class had an appetizer, one out of three choices of main courses, and a finale of cheese selection. For first class, we get one out of two choices of appetizer, one out of two choices of soups, a salad, one out of four choices of main course, and a finale one out of four choices of dessert.

The two choices of appetizer are:

  1. Smoked herring and brunoise potato with watercress chantilly cream
  2. Oven baked warm bamboo clams with herb cream sauce

I went with the bamboo clams. It was a nice big chunk of clam meat. It has a good texture and a nice cream sauce on top of it. But I wasn’t a big fan of the sauce as it was over powering the fresh taste of the clams.

2014-01-05 01.38.15

The two choices of soup are:

  1. Fennel cream soup with mint, seared scallop and small pasta
  2. Double-boiled duck soup with watercress and almond

I try my best to taste everything as a foodie, but mint is something I absolutely unable to deal with. So I went with the duck soup. The duck soup is essentially a classic Chinese home-style soup that my mom can make. The soup was really clear (no accumulated fat floating on the soup). I’m not going to lie but they didn’t beat my mom/grandma’s soup. The soup has its flavour but I prefer it to be boiled longer so it has richness in it.

2014-01-05 01.42.56

2014-01-05 01.43.07

The salad that came after the soup was an arugula with shaved fennel and cherry tomato salad. We get a choice of balsamic and extra virgin olive oil dressing or creamy sesame dressing. I went with the sesame dressing cause thats my favourite. I love the touch of shaved fennel on top of the greens. It gives a fresh sweet touch and texture to the salad. But overall, I wasn’t a big fan of the salad cause arugula is not my favourite greens.

2014-01-05 01.49.40

Four choices for main course:

  1. Grandma Blanc style braised beef cheek served with sauteed bacon, pearl onions, mushroom and steamed potato
  2. Lychee bay style congee – Sliced fish, cuttlefish and pork in rice porridge with deep fried Chinese cracker
  3. Wakadori sansho yaki – Sansho pepper flavoured chicken, seasonal vegetables and steamed rice
  4. Seared lamb chop with madeira sauce, grilled vegetable and roasted pumpkin

I had the lamb chop. It was not a wow dish. The lamb was done and I didn’t like that. I wish it was served a bit rare. The grilled vegetables were done perfectly. Love the pumpkin. It was cooked well but not mushy. Overall its a nice portion and a fine course.

2014-01-05 01.59.27

The four choices of dessert:

  1. Bitter chocolate “moelleux” cake with chocolate ice cream and mocca vanilla sauce
  2. Warm stewed pear with snow fungus, dried longan and apricot kerneis
  3. Selection of Camembert, Teleggio, Red Leicester and Stilton cheeses served with garnishes
  4. Fresh fruits in season

Chocolate! How can I resist that? So obviously I went with the chocolate dessert. Love the ice cream, that just can’t go wrong. Love the garnish. It gave a crispy crunch texture to the dish. The chocolate was too hard so I didn’t bother to give it another bite. It felt like it was frozen ice. The “moelleux” cake tastes like molten cake. I wished it was hot or at least warm, but it was not. It would be served better with that cold ice cream. But hey its chocolate! I’m easily satisfied with chocolate 😛

2014-01-05 02.13.07

For people who went straight to bed after take off, there are light bite choices for them. I didn’t want to pig out on the plane so I didn’t get anything off that menu. But here are some light bite choices:

  • Create your own noodle dish in a rich chicken stock. Choice of fresh kway leow, egg noodles, or rice noodles. Garnish with either chicken and black mushroom, prawn and lettuce, or black mushroom and Chinese greens.
  • Croissant with creamy chicken and tomato
  • Roasted mediterranean vegetable in tortilla wrap
  • Selection of snacks – cashew nuts, honeyed walnuts, macadamia nuts, chips, cookies, chocolate bars, snack bars, and fruits

Before touch down, breakfast was served. It started with a choice of juice and fresh fruits plated with cottage cheese. If we compare this to the business class fruit plate served during breakfast, this has a lot more selection of fruits. And I love the goat cheese. Best combination always!

2014-01-05 10.04.38

For starters, you get a choice of cereals or yoghurt. And I went with fruit yoghurt.

2014-01-05 10.17.23

There’s four choices for entrees:

  1. Fish noodle soup – Rice noodles in rich broth garnish with steamed sliced fish and vegetables
  2. Selection of dim sum – Steamed rice flour rolls with chicken, har kow (shrimp dumplings), beef siu mai (an open-faced yellow skinned dumplings usually served with pork), scallop dumpling and vegetable dumpling
  3. French toast with maple syrup, pork sausage and marinated vine tomato
  4. Fresh eggs prepared on-board (boiled, baked or scrambled) with your choice of chicken sausage or smoked salmon, and garnish with vine ripened tomato and mushrooms

My choice was scrambled eggs with smoked salmon. Surprisingly it also came with a thick toast. Eggs tasted fresh and the smoked salmon goes so well with it. They are the perfect match as always! My favourite combination! Mushrooms were a bit too salty for me but it went really nice with the eggs and salmon. Just cause the eggs and salmon have a lighter taste, so the mushrooms balanced out.

2014-01-05 10.27.52

The breakfast also comes with a selection of breakfast pastries and bread, coffee or fine teas. I was really disappointed cause I had perfect croissants last time and this time it came really oily. And it didn’t tasted fresh with its signature crunch. Cause it was too oily.

Overall I had a great time on the plane. Here’s some pictures of the first class seats.

2014-01-04 23.29.01

2014-01-05 02.36.21

And I was so impressed that we get BOSE hear pieces for our entertainment. I enjoyed some great movies and music with it.

2014-01-04 23.27.50

Looking forward to another lovely flight with Singapore Airlines!


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