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Singapore Airlines Flight Menu (SFO to HKG)

I want to share my wonderful start of the holiday with you all for my first comeback post. I’m very happy that I get to visit home this Christmas, and like always I’m lucky enough to have my father working for Singapore Airlines which makes me eligible to have a nice flight home. I decided to do a review on Singapore Airlines’ flight menu because I’m a fan.

I received my seat in business and it was a really awesome flight because you get to turn your seat to a full bed. Here are some pictures of the business seating.

 2013-01-03 23.17.252013-01-04 10.09.02

Before I go into the actual flight menus, I want to talk about the Silver Kris Lounge at the airport. Any passenger with a business class, first class, or suite seat can wait for their flight at the lounge before boarding. Its such a great place to hang out especially when you’re trying to get on an international flight because international flights usually require you to arrive 2 hours earlier. I was really hungry cause I took the 6:40 PM flight from Seattle to San Francisco and my last meal before the flight was around 1 PM. By the time I arrived at San Francisco International Airport it was 9 PM. I’m lucky that the lounge was serving hot plates. They usually only serve cold sandwiches, some bread selection, and some snacks like chips, fruits, yoghurt, and nuts. That day, they served laksa noodles – a Malaysian noodle in spicy coconut soup. The laksa noodle was pretty decent. There was 2-3 big  prawns, some fish cake, deep fried tofu, and eggs. The soup was okay. It didn’t impress me cause I had laksa noodles with a better soup base.

2013-12-14 21.47.26

My flight started boarding at 11:35 PM. Supper was served approximately an hour to half and hour after take off. Starter was Antipasto – smoked duck, parma ham with mozzarella cheese, greens and cherry tomatoes. The smoked duck was served cold. I loved the combination but according to my personal taste preference, the smoked duck was not smoky enough. Overall its a lovely dish. Loved the mozzarella cheese with my parma ham. Ingredients are very fresh. It was a nice fresh starter for supper.

2013-12-15 01.22.02

There’s three choices for main course

  1. Pan roasted beef tenderloin with cumin pea mash, yellow squash, baby carrot, and black pepper sauce
  2. Fish congee (rice porridge) with Chinese cruellers
  3. Warm panini with seared herb marinated chicken, scarmoza cheese and tomato with country style parmesan potatoes

I went with the pan roasted beef for my main because I had the congee and panini before in my previous flights with SQ. It was a great dish. The beef was perfectly cooked. Still red but no blood. Very tender and juicy. The only thing I wasn’t a big fan about the dish was the gravy. It was a bit too salty for me and I not a fan of sauce most of the time so it didn’t please me at all. The beef would taste perfect even without any gravy. Again, personal taste preference. Cumin mash is just not something I love, so I didn’t finish it. But squash and carrots were cooked perfectly with the beef. The truth is, I’ll probably order the panini and not the beef if both of them shows up on the menu again next time.

2013-12-15 01.37.33

For the finale, there’s a selection of fruits from their fruit basket, selections of Brie, smoked cheese and Manchego cheese served with garnishes like biscuits, and selection of fine teas and gourmet coffee. I didn’t order any of that because the starter and main course was very filling and I didn’t want to stuff myself up and making me feel uncomfortable to sleep.

Breakfast was served 2 hours before the flight land Hong Kong. There’s a bit more on the touch-down menu compared to the supper. Prelude was a choice of apple, tomato or freshly squeezed orange juice served with a dish of sliced fresh fruits. Very simple dish. I couldn’t say they are fresh fresh fruits cause who am I lying to? They were on the plane for more than 10+ hours. But it was kept fresh, at least it tasted fresh. Loved the strawberry. It was so sweet!

2013-12-15 11.49.50

Starter was a choice of cereals (cornflakes or granola with yoghurt-berry compote) or yoghurts (plain or fruit flavours). I skipped the starters cause I’m not a fan of either.

Main was also a choice from 3 different options.

  1. Stir fried rice vermicelli with prawns, fish fillet and vegetables
  2. French toast with maple syrup, veal sausage, mushrooms and marinated tomato
  3. Tomato omelette with chicken sausage, roasted tomato, mushrooms and potatoes

My choice was the tomato omelette cause I wanted a savory dish and a western style breakfast. I regret on my choice and would rather went with the french toast… The omelette was not perfectly done. It was almost like microwaved egg. But the cheese in the omelette saved my appetite. I mean… It’s cheese… Who doesn’t love cheese 🙂 All the side dishes were great. Not perfect but great.

2013-12-15 12.17.14

The touch-down menu also includes a selection of bread. There was basic bread roll, garlic bread, french bread, muffins, danish, croissant, and some kind of bread with herbs. I had 3 croissants cause it was so good. The bread was served hot and my croissants were hot inside and crunchy outside. Yum yum!

2013-12-15 12.36.49


And like supper, breakfast was served with a selection of fine teas and gourmet coffees.

What impress me the most was the light bite menu. Not that I had anything from the list but it was such a great selection that I’m awfully impressed. It was a great menu for people who decided to skip supper and sleep after take-off but wakes up in the middle of the night and wanted something to eat. They have selections of noodles, sandwiches and snacks.


  • Tom yam noodles with prawn and vegetables
  • Vegetarian noodles with green leaves, spring onion, and red chili
  • Noodles with chicken and black mushroom


  • Grilled chicken and avocado in tortilla wrap
  • Olive ciabatta with brie cheese and tomato


  • Assorted nuts
  • Cookies
  • Potato chips
  • Chocolate bars
  • A selection from the fruit basket

I was so happy to see they served KRISPY KREME DOUGHUTS!!! But I was too stuffed after the supper and I just didn’t had the chance to asked for doughnuts… 😦

I had a wonderful journey with Singapore Airlines. They never disappoint me. I’m happy that I could actually review their flight menu as if I was reviewing an actual restaurant. Love their service, love their food. It’s a pity that Singapore Airlines cancelled the Vancouver-Hong Kong flight route. It would be perfect for me.



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