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Pok Pok

Another busy month passed by and I again failed to keep my promise writing every week. Even I don’t have a lot of followers doesn’t mean I should get all lazy and not keeping this constant. Sorry!

At the beginning of the month was Canada’s Thanks Giving Holiday! We got a long weekend so Sav and my roomie, the three of us head to Portland for some shopping and fooooood!

The first night, we head to Division Street for a Thai restaurant, Pok Pok. We were very excited not just because it was already late night and we are hungry, it is because we were reading their website and found a lot of cool stuff about the restaurant. They were not only reported by New York Times, Andy Ricker had also written about them. There’s no doubt that they should be really good. We arrived and was told for 1 hour and 45 minutes wait! CRAZY! And yes, we end up almost a TWO hour wait. Hence, before I even start talking about food, I must say, DO make a reservation first!!

They have two kind of seating. One is outdoor-ish and the other one is indoors with a full bar. The atmosphere is really nice there. Everyone seems like they are having a great time with the food. The servers are very welcoming as well.

It was a two-hour wait so we kind of decided what we want to eat and order immediately when we sit down. But our server was really kind to us and suggested us some food. I’m SO GLAD she did that, otherwise we will miss the best dish they have!

I’m so surprise that how detailed this restaurant is. They served us water that was soaked in pandan leaves. Pandan leaves are commonly used in the East because of its savoury taste in food. They are really good with baking, and my favourite in desserts like the pandan chiffon cakes! This is the first time I taste pandan water. My roomie who is from Malaysia said pandan water tastes more strong than this. I guess they didn’t soak enough in the water, but I still could taste the pandan.

The best taste of chicken wings I’d ever tasted so far! Ike’s Vietnamese Fish Sauce Wings. They are amazing! To describe the taste, it taste like honey garlic wings. But no, it’s not just honey garlic wings! The taste is so much richer and tasty because of the caramazelized fish sauce. It brings the flavour out with better smell and taste. I can’t say how great they are in words, but I must admit. The richness of the flavour does make the wings greasy and you’ll be done with them after 2-3 wings.

We ordered half bird of Kai Yaang. It is roasted chicken stuffed with lemongrass, garlic, pepper and cilantro. They recommended to eat with an order of sticky rice. But we ordered coconut rice instead. Sav said the coconut rice is obviously not cooked in the authentic Asian style. And yes it didn’t have enough coconut taste. Supposingly it should taste really rich in coconut. But fair enough.

The chicken was nice. But the sacue was okay. Again, my roomie said it doesn’t have enough taste. The stuffing in the chicken was awesome. Lemongrass saved the dish.

This is an order of Hoi Thawt. Hoi Thawt is a crepe dish mussels, eggs, garlic, chives and bean sprouts. Served with Shark Shi Racha sauce. Although it did specifically said it is a broken crepe, but we didn’t like how it is so broken. The crepe is very crsipy and savoury. But could have a bit more egg in it. Too much green onions and bean sprouts, couldn’t even taste the mussels. Hoi Thawt are usually found in street vendors and night markets.

Khanom Jiin Naam Yaa is coconut curry with ground fish and krachai served with rice vermicelli. I didn’t taste too much cause it is a spicy dish and I couldn’t eat spicy. But sav and my roomie did complained that it was not spicy enough….haha…so obvious I can’t do spicy.. sad.

Apparently they are a big company with sister restaurants. Right across the street where they are located is Whiskey Soda Lounge. They serve the fish sauce wings there too. A lot of people were directed to the lounge while waiting for a seat at Pok Pok. They also have Noi. I think Noi use to be a late night snack and drinking place and has recently become a sit down restaurant now.

A full course dinner there will cost $20-$28 per person. Check out there website for more details: http://www.pokpokpdx.com/home

Pok Pok on Urbanspoon

Hours: 11:30am – 10:00pm, 7 days a week

The restaurant can accept up to 28 party group, reservation is only avaliable by phone from 9AM and 10PM daily. But becareful when you make reservation, if you have 8 or more guests per reservation, they will ask for your credit card number and charge you $25 for no show.



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