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Kisamos Greek Taverna

Hey guys! First of all, I really want to apologize for leaving this blog aside for almost a month already. School started in September and it was hectic. You know, life is full of chances. It’s just a fact that are you gonna step up and take them in, right? I’m trying so hard to get engaged with school activities this semester cause I don’t want to graduate with just a GPA. What I’m really doing is that I’m a club president and I’m also an executive for my faculty’s student union. Not to say too much of that but if you guys are interested in Korean culture, my club is basically a fun cultural community that promotes the Korean culture. Including Kpop music, the language, the culture, and of course FOOD! 🙂 Check out our club’s website/blog when you guys have time! You don’t need to be physically there to be part of us 🙂

Simon Fraser University – K.STORM

So, even I didn’t have a chance to write some posts. I did not let my food adventures stop coming. Before school gets all busy, my girlfriends and I went for something that is finally not Chinese to write about. (Being said for that, I apologize that the past posts were all Chinese food. I see myself very Asian so I usually go for Chinese food :P)

We went down to Richmond near the Fisherman’s Wharf at Stevenson for Greek food. I must say I’m very surprise with the taste and excitement that Greek cuisine gave me.

It’s a pretty nice place. Just cause it is near the wharf, the area is really nice to visit. Not like every restaurant trying to sell that they are authentic, the moment you walk in, you will know that it is authentic. It’s like a small little Greek village in the restaurant.

Not long after we settle down, they gave us a basket of bread – pita. Pita is a kind of Greece bread, also named as “pocket” bread cause after it cools down and flatten from baking, a “pocket,” more like a hole will form inside the bread. But this pita is different. It doesn’t have a “pocket.” Instead, it is very soft and fluffy. They put olive oil on the bread and it taste fabulous.

When I found this place online, everyone was complementing about the roast lamb. I’m so happy I went with the roast lamb. The lamb is very soft and tender. It comes with the bone and the meat comes right off the moment you fork it. I won’t exaggerate and say that the meat actually melts down in my mouth, but it does felt like that. You don’t really need to chew hard, every bite is so juicy and soft.

The dish comes with a sour potato, some Greek salad and rice. I believe that the paste is some kind of goat cheese with sour cream. But the roast lamb is so good itself, I didn’t really put the paste on my bites.

My girlfriends ordered fish instead of lamb. They gave me a bite of the fish and sauce and I thought it taste great too. Just that I’m still really fond of the roast lamb, I think even if I make a second visit, the roast lamb will still be my first choice. 😛

Halibut Plaki – baked in an onion garlic and tomato sauce.

Baked Halibut – with a lemon butter sauce.

My roast lamb is $12.95 and the halibut are both $15.95. Very appropriate price I would say. Too bad we all don’t have space for dessert. Next time I would really want to try their lamb chop or their Greek style ribs.

Just cause this is a small neat place, they recommend reservations.

Kisamos Greek Taverna on Urbanspoon

Mon-Sat 11am-10pm, Sun 4pm-10pm
Website: http://www.heresinfo.com/website/htdocs/kisamos.htm



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