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Ajijiman (味自慢)

I went out yesterday with my roomie to Richmond cause we had to pick up our friend at the airport. We stop by Aberdeen Centre before we head to the airport cause Aberdeen Centre has our favourite store – DAISO!

We bought a lot of household things in DAISO to redecorate the house cause my old roomie is moving out. For those who never heard of DAISO, DAISO is a store that sells all kind of stuff in cheap price. In Japan, they most items are 100 Yen. In Canada, most of the items are around $2. And the literally sell everything…From kitchen ware, garden ware, laundry ware, storage, cosmetics, snacks, toys, craft materials, stationary, anything you can think of. So we went and bought some kitchen “stickers.” Apparently our tiles get really oily after cooking in the kitchen. These stickers will keep our landlord’s kitchen tiles clean and shiny when we move out. And they look so cute too! Cooking in a happy environment makes your food tastes better!

Speaking of decorating the kitchen. I’d just remembered that my mom bought me a pair of Hello Kitty clippers for kitchen organization. I’m a Hello Kitty addict. But not a crazy one lol.

I decided to hang them under the sink cause that is the only place I could use them at. haha. They look so cute!

Okay.. back to the real content. So after we went shopping at DAISO, we stopped by the food court at Aberdeen Centre. I didn’t bring cash and it seems like Ajijiman is the only one that accepts debit card for purchase over $10. Their menu looks good, so I gave it a try.

My order was Pork Cheese Cutlet Don (rice bowl) and Veggie Croquette. Both orders cost me around $14 which I think is quite expensive since it is only food court food. The don was around $7 and the croquette was around $4.

The Pork and Cheese Don was not bad. It was crispy outside and the cheese in the pork taste really well with it.

Some people might think it is not worth $7 even it taste good cause it is such a small bowl or rice with only one cutlet. But I see it the other way. The size was just right. At least for girls. Cause the cheese was really stuffy. I managed to finish the whole bowl cause I didn’t have breakfast.

The Veggie Croquette is not worth trying! I promise you that it is not just a personally opinion or taste. The moment you bite into the croquette, you can taste some sort of plastic taste. I believe it is just a frozen product that they bought from some supermarket and re-fried it to sell. I think it is the worst croquette I’d ever had…

Other than that, the inside was just mash potato and a few diced carrots. Usually Japanese croquette is potato and corn, some with cheese. It tastes so much better with the sweet corn in it. But since it is so obvious that it is a commercial product so I didn’t expect further nor did complain further :/

There is plenty of good food at Aberdeen Centre’s food court. But if you’re looking for quality food, then this is not the place to stop by or to travel specifically for food. But if you happen to stop by Aberdeen Centre and needed quick lunch.. Do check the food court out!


PS: The day I sent Sav off, we stopped by Aberdeen Centre as well and tried Chef Hung’s beef noodle soup which claims that they got a lot of awards. Maybe I’ll blog about that later on! 🙂
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One thought on “Ajijiman (味自慢)

  1. Those kitchen hangers are a great idea … I’m going to try something similar.


    Posted by sybaritica | August 23, 2012, 8:32 am

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